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2016 Quarter 1 Issue 26
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Experience Sharing
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Material Processing System used in Electronics Industry

We have entered the era of Internet information, it is essential to use the computer in the modern society, the processing of computer parts and accessories is also growing. In order to reduce daily increased production costs, improve products quality, the Central Conveying System becomes the key choice in this industry.     

One electronic processing group located inChongqingis a comprehensive enterprise specialized for processing the computer parts and accessories of Dell Inc. It initially plans to get sixty sets of the injection molding machines, however, Shini Group devised the Central Conveying System for the company.  

According to customer’s on-spot condition, Shini adopted the solutions of central feeding, integrate drying and separate conveying as well. The material area at the third floor, drying area at the first floor, the conveying system largely lowered the material transport costs. As the customer had five kinds of materials, the production was separated into 4 areas, Shini employed the conveying of autonomous switching mode for separate areas via distribution stations, in additional with the user-friendly design of control system, which not only decreased customer’s conveying costs, but also avoided the potential material mixing effectively.   

In this project, the designer found it was enable to instantly recycle the regrinds in customers’ workshop. Therefore, he/she recommended the instant recycling device of the granulator to obtain precise control via the system program. It largely improved material utilization rate and cut down the regrinds transport costs for the customer. ustomer’s conveying costs, but also avoided the potential material mixing effectively. 
This project had been delivered to the customer and applied in the production. Currently, the system is in stable operation, which effectively reduced material transport costs and the wastes. Simultaneously, it optimized customers’ production environment on spot, and received highly recognition from the customer. osts, but also avoided the potential material mixing effectively.   

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