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2017 Quarter 4 Issue 33
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Suction Box


1.Special internal structure ensures smooth material conveying

2.Standard suction box with air-feeding hole, easy to use; shut-off suction box equipped with air feeding pipe to form closed 3.conveying cycle.

4.Integrated aluminum appearance.


1.Stainless steel is optional,add "S" at the end of the model code.

2.When selecting stainless steel, parts contacting with raw material can be polished, and add "P" at the end of model code.


Installed at the bottom of material storage tank, drying tank and other storage devices, and works with vacuum feeding system to convey raw materials. Standard suction box is applicable for short distance conveying, while the shut-off suction box, which is equipped with material shutting off function, can prevent material remaining in pipe, moisture regain and pipe blockage during long distance conveying.

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