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2018 Quarter 2 Issue 35
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Vehicle Lamps of Central Conveying System

Nanchang Di Bao Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Nanchang, a city enjoys the reputation of eastern “Edinburgh”, which is a vehicle lamp manufacturer mainly engaged in R&D, production, and sales of auto headlamp, rear combination lamp, fog lamp and various signal lamps. In the workshop, there’re 11 sets of injection molding machines in the workshop, two of which are triple shooters, and we’ve planned the central conveying system for them.

It mainly uses: transparent PC, black ABS+PC, original color ABS+PC, transparent PMMA, yellow PMMA, red PMMA, original color PBT, black PBT and etc., including nine kinds of materials in all. The central material room is planned on the second floor, with nine MST-200 storage hoppers containing nine kinds of granules. Each material is designed to work with one set of Shini double-layer Hopper Dryer SHD-150-I~SHD-400-I and the double-layer insulated dryer features:

1. The inner parts and parts inside the hopper are all made of stainless steel that ensures the materials free of contamination;

2. Double-layer insulation with good heat preservation effect that saves energy;
3. Hot-air pipe of bending design prevents self-ignition at the heater pipe bottom due to accumulated dusts.

4. The standard equipped sLink can collect data to computer through the network for convenient real-time monitoring. 

Every two sets of Hoppers Dryers are equipped with one set of Honeycomb Dehumidifier to process dehumidifying and drying. Shini dehumidifying and drying equipments have excellent performance and stable dehumidifying airflow, providing the drying air with dew-point below -40℃. The honeycomb rotor is composed by the ceramic fiber and organic additive made ceramic honeycomb and then it is strongly adsorbed inside the honeycomb after its basic materials of molecular sieve and silica gel being crystallized to solid surface under high temperature. Therefore, it is different with the common hopper-load or rotating plate molecular sieve that contaminates the material when powder is blowing into the hopper by drying air as aging. However, the common molecular sieve is easy to saturate or aging, which must be replaced regularly. The dehumidifying rotor has long service life and can be cleaned, and the moisture will quickly be absorbed by the molecular sieve when the humid return air getting through the innumerous holes on the honeycomb rotor. When leaving the honeycomb, the return air will be completely dried to the dry air with very low dew-point temperature.

There are one SRB-80-V Roots blower in material area and two SRB-80-V Roots blowers in the IMM’s workshop, which work with the new economic central filter SCSF-200-F-E for effective dust filtration and blower protection. Each dryer bottom is equipped with the double-pipe shut-off suction box SBU-160-50D-V; The conveying process: nine kinds of materials are delivered to nine 200KG storage hoppers and then conveyed to the dryer through the first two-stage conveying. After drying, the materials will be delivered to the corresponding machines through material distribution station in the secondary conveying, which is powered by the 7.5KW double-stage blower of PLC control. 

Since completion, the central conveying system has run smoothly with good performance after it is put into operation, without any quality problems because of the design and construction, fully satisfying the production demands. The customers reflect that their product’s pass rate has been greatly improved. In the future, Shini will provide more excellent solutions of central conveying system for manufacturers in the whole country, and bring more perfect services for the customers.

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