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2018 Quarter 3 Issue 36
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Multi-cavity Hot Runner Controller


1.Manual function

2.PID auto temperature control

3.Selectable two thermocouple types (J/K)

4.Selectable two temperature scales (°C/°F)

5.Selectable four alarm modes      

6.Current, output, and display function

7.Thermocouple break  

8.RS485 communication function: ASCII and RTU mode

9.Internal alarm buzzer

10.Recordable temperature features

11.Concurrent output-caused circuit breaker tripping can be avoided by user configurable automatic heating in stages  

12.Temperature range:K TYPE: 0~700°C (0~1200°F) /J TYPE: 0~500°C (0~900°F)

13.Self diagnosis log: (current, voltage, heater impedance, power, thermocouple, heater, fuse, TRIAC status)

14.Extension-type portable control wire 0~5m 

15.Rack type cabinet design

16.Micro SD port

17.Color panel display

18.NAND Flash 8M+128M

19.Automatic ID recognition

20.Protection for input power wiring errors

21.Power cable error protections

22.Heat dissipation function for heatsink over-heat

23.Detection for heater disconnection and short circuits

24.Easy swapping for individual module failures


The SHC-E multi-cavity hot runner controller features a 0-16 point temperature combination control and multi-machine networking. Maintenance operations can be simplified with its modularized device design and requirement-based configuration. The purchasing costs are greatly reduced by its unique temperature control, with two points within one level. Portable controller adopted image display and manual control that is easy for fast adoption in multi-points control. The RS485 communication function enables you to set up multiple controls at once to simplify the required operations. The built-in and practical current sensor and indicator functions benefit various applications, especially for automotive, bottle billet injection, and medical supplies, by realizing the concept of one-stop control.   

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