Positive Pressure Conveyor PPC

    The positive pressure conveyor is the advanced device used for powder and granule conveying, with compact design, reliable operation, as well as low energy consumption for  saving of input, it has been extensively used in plastic granule applications. 


    • Main body adopts SUS304 stainless steel .
    • Adopt pneumatic conveying method,with high solid-gas ratio, it consumes less compressed air than conventional pneumatic conveying.
    • Low speed conveying with less wear to the pipeline; the conventional steel pipe is available, low noise during operation .  
    • Compact design requires less repair work .
    • Easy to achieve full-automation control,with reduced labor input.
    • Material discharge port is the 6’’pneumatic butterfly valve. 
    • Flexible discharge of material, with covenient equipment layout.
    • Adopt electronic pressure switch in digital display, which enables to check the air pressure in real time; Alarm function activated if the pressure exceeds the set value.  
    • Adopt pneumatic angle seat valve, it works as switch, with pipe air-flow adjustment function.