Temperature Controller and Timing Controller

    Temperature controller, being used in hot runner system, is a device which keeps maintaining the required temperature value for the hot runner system. It consists of temperature control card,circuit breaker, cabinet, fan, terminal blocks and cables. The temperature control card in the cabinet controls the temperature of the hot runner product and the temperature accuracy of system. Self-protection and fault tolerance depends on the function of the temperature control card. At present, temperature controller is necesscry in the application of hot runner molds. 


    • 2 types of thermocouple (J type or k type).
    • Temperature switches between ℃&oF.
    • Auto or manual mode.
    • 6 kinds of alarm.
    • Fuse break indicating.
    • Inside buzzer.
    • Give out signal of being circuit break when thermocouple breaks.
    • Protection (Screen will not indicate until the right voltage is connected).
    • Short-circuit alarm (When short-circuit occurs,it will sound an alarm automatically).
    • RS-485 function (option).
    • Current display.
    • TRIAC Short-circuit protection (if TRIAC get short-circuit, safety protection device will cut off the output. ) 
    • Heater short-circuit protection ( usually,heater won,t get short circuited in control process short-circuit usually  happens during the circuit or heater assenmbling. This function helps to detect the circuit before operation, To see if short-circuit occurs.  If it does, the temperature control card can not be started.) 
    • Stand-by function. When the machine is not working, press the “UP” button and hold for 3 seconds to start this function which will make temperature decline(e.g. set 50℃) as well as save electricity, and raise the temperature to former value after the setting time(0~99min). When the 1st controller from the left side get started the stand-by function, the 2nd/ 3rd/4th….will get started via infrared ray from the 1st controller.