CNC Auxiliary Equipment

  • Oil Cooler  - SOC

    Oil Cooler - SOC

    SOC series oil cooler adopts airtight scroll compressor and possesses excellent technical features. It is fit to various kinds of refrigerant such as R22, R407C, etc.. With the newly developed PCB control technology, SOC can accurately and stably control the oil temperature. It is suitable for host machine of the machining area such as CNC machining center, CNC punching machine, etc. and considered as indispensable equipment for modern industry.more...
  • Scrap iron conveyor - CBF

    Scrap iron conveyor - CBF

    CBF series scrap iron conveyor is widely used to collect and convey the metal cuttings produced by the CNC machining center. Designed with streamline form, the machine has advantages of elegant appearance, smooth discharging, high conveying efficiency and wide speed range. The main parts are made by the mould pressing and the corrosion resistant processing which ensure a high degree of standardization. Overload protection can effectively protect the machine from being damaged. All the performance as well as stable operation and low noise level make the conveyor a indispensable auxiliary equipment.more...