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2018 Quarter 4 Issue 37

Case Sharing - Central Water Supply System

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One Aerospace Technology Group Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and manufacture of automotive interior and exterior accessories, engine accessories and molds. It has 10 full-automatic injection molding machines with 1800 tons of calculators that mainly produce door panel, column, ventilated cover panel and Two-Component molding products.

To meet the cooling water demands for 50 injection molding machines, Shini designed a set of central water system.

The central cooling water system is mainly composed of the screw compressor type water cooled central water chiller and constant-pressure water pump station with galvanized pipe. The water chiller has a programmable logic controller that controlled by the control station, making it very convenient to use and adjust. At the fault query and statistics aspects, it is humanized that can analyze the causes of failure according to the fault order number, the number of faults and occurrence time to improve. 

Firstly, the heat generated by the equipment on site is taken away as to keep constant water temperature, and the operating frequency of the built-in frequency conversion motor and pump within constant-pressure water pump station can be automatically adjusted according to the set pressure value to ensure constant water output pressure and save pump power consumption, thus realizing the automatic unattended operation. The central screw host unit and constant-pressure water pump tistation are compatible with the sLink technology that through dual D-SUB interface to achieve remote monitoring function. All water system pipes are made of standard fittings, which are easy to be installed with a good sealing property. The pipes are all galvanized, the outer layer of which is made of metal and the inner layer of which is made of plastic, featuring metal pipe’s high strength and plastic pipe’s corrosion resistance. The pipe ends are allocated to each water station and equipped with input and output water temperature sensors for real-time data acquisition and transmission. The data of the production process is transparent and it ensures the process parameter can be collected and saved in time, making the analysis of production process data available.

Besides, a cooling tower and a water tank are equipped outside that are placed side by side and connected by galvanized pipes. In the workshop, the return water first passes through the cooling tower, and then enters the water tank after cooling for the storage.

The heat preservation cotton is coated on the surface of the whole water system pipeline to ensure balanced cold water temperature and avoid pipe surface condensation. The electric valves are installed on the return water pipes in the machine room to ensure that the water is shut-off in pipes when the system stops running, and the system immediately works once it starts up to avoid air mixed and improve the circulation efficiency of the water loop.

In the practice of water and electricity planning and installation, we’ve been strict with ourselves all the time, constantly trying to research over and over again, and summed up lots of valuable experiences. In the future, our team will continue to offer professional product services and technical support for more customers by our serious attitude and solid technology. Now, the system has been put into operation, and its performance and reliability have been fully approved by customers.