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New Product Launch

2021 Quarter 1 Issue 42

High-Temp.Water Heater STM-SPW

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1. Max. working temperature is 200℃

2. PT100 temperature sensor

3. SSR solid-state relay heating control, reaching control accuracy of ±0.5℃

4. Adopt 7 "high-definition touch screen, clear picture, easy operation

5. Equipped with electronic flow and pressure display

6. With high-pressure plunger pump, it can automatically replenish water under high temperature without shutdown in during long-term operation.

7. The system water and cooling water has separate inlets, and the system uses purified water to reduce abnormalities such as pipe scaling and blockage, and parts corrosion and stuck.

8. Seamless stainless steel and copper pipes are used to make the pipe loop, which has stronger resistance to high temperature and corrosion.

9. With the full digital P.I.D subsection temperature control system, the stable die temperature can be maintained under any operation condition.

10. Magnetic drive pump made of stainless steel , no shaft seal structure, which can withstand high temperature, high pressure and long-term use without leakage.

11. Multiple safety devices such as power reverse protection, pump overload protection, overhea protection and low level protection.

12. RS485 interface configuration that can achieve centralized monitoring with host computer.

Inner Structure


For models optional with mould temperature displayer, add "TS" after the model code.



STM-SPW high-end high-temp. water heater is mainly used to heat up the mould and maintain constant temperature. Besides, when used in other fields with similar demands, compared with the standard STM-PW,this series of models are applicable to PT100 thermoelectric resistance and overall SSR temperature control, which has more stable temperature accuracy control. Equipped with the electronic flow and pressure displayer, it’s easy to monitor the real-time pressure of the conveying flow meter, which can through RS485 interface to achieve information intelligent monitoring and management.

New Product Launch

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