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2021 Quarter 2 Issue 43

Successful Application of Automation in Common Parts

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Gear is a set of mechanical components with various teeth and sizes interlocking each other and usually driven by a motor to reach a desire RPM or power. It is extensively used in automatic transmission. Plastic gear has many advantages, such as low transmission noise, vibration absorption, self-lubrication, and so on. Besides, it can be molded for processing to ensure high productivity, mainly used in micro motor, electronic products, auto parts, household appliances, office supplies, toys, crafts, and other industries.

A gear company in Guangdong is a professional manufacturer of plastic gears. Its main products include main shaft gears, monolayer/bilayer gears, crown gears, bevel gears (tapered teeth), rollers (pulley), helical gears, endless screws, safety clutch teeth, small module copper teeth, and steering engine servers, etc. They are widely used in toys, clocks, cameras, motors, timers, recorders, shredders, four-wheel-drive vehicles, copiers, fax machines, micro-motors, etc. The company purchased the Five Axes Servo Driven Robot ST5 from Shini last October and used it for automatic injection molding of plastic products. After putting into use, the Robot works stably and well matches the cycle of the injection molding machine that significantly improves productivity and product quality.

The ST3/ST5 series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of products and sprues from injection molding machines and place them at desired locations. Standard and telescopic arm(s) are selectable according to the application of a 2-plate, 3-plate mold, or hot runner system, and it meets industrial 4.0 standards. Capable of arranging, stacking, quality checking, and mold placement. Suitable for injection molding machine with clamping force under 3600 tons.

5-axes servo driven robot

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