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2023 Quarter 2 Issue 50

Automation in personal care appliances industry

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Small personal care appliances, which include electric razor, electric hair dryer, massage device and small household beauty appliances, are having features like excellent appearance, rich functions and convenient for use to win their consumers. For these kinds of mall home appliances, people are no longer satisfied by simply using them, but also seek more to the sense of technology, personalization, extra value and product experience. To attract buyers’ attention and compete in the market, manufacturers must make breakthrough on functional limitations, innovate products and optimize production processes, so as to meet consumers' diversified needs. The use of automatic equipment in the manufacturing processes of production lines can effectively control costs, improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the enterprise.

An electronic technology company in Dongguan city, which mainly manufactures and sells these kinds of electronic products, household appliances, plastic products and other related accessories started working with Shini automation department this year and purchased forty SHINI ST5 robots (small linear type robot) for fully automatic injection molding. After using Shini robots with their IMMs, the stable and efficient operation brings the highly satisfied customer with consistent output, higher productivity and improved quality.

Shini 5-axis servo robot (servo drive-control integrated), adopting the new plug in type drive-control integrated technology, provides downsized control box, reduce cable usage, easy maintenance and more reliability. Equipped with an 8-inch high-definition HMI, supporting multiple buses: Ethernet, CAN, RS-485/RS-422, embedded with IEC61131-3 compliant PLC for convenient secondary development. It supports controlling multiple robots and allows easy programming, fast teaching and dedicated programming instructions for stacking, sampling, and defective product handling. Comply with the "Technical specifications for robotic arms" DQT-GZ02-RZ-2021 and applied for a product certification of robotic arm.


Experience Sharing

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