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2023 Quarter 4 Issue 52

2023 Quarter 4 Issue 52 Message from the Chief Editor

The self-adaption energy-saving hopper dryer adopts the variable frequency speed regulation technology with a built-in 28 recipes function, and customers can set appropriate recipes based on the current material type. The equipment can work automatically to adjust the blower speed (the minimum can be reduced to 20Hz) and the pipe heater output based on the real-time status of the present exhaust air and set exhaust air temperature to achieve energy-saving and drying effect. After the material pre-drying, if the plastic materials are not in use for a long time, the drying temperature will decrease as needed automatically, and the machine will enter the insulation state to prevent the material from excessive drying while saving energy. The self-adaption energy-saving hopper dryer also has an adaptive mode, so the user only needs to set the drying temperature, and the system will automatically configure the exhaust air temperature for simple operation.