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NPE2012 Ends Completely & Successfully

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Date: 1st - 5th April 2012

Venue: Orange County Convention Center • Orlando, Florida USA

Exhibition Contents: Injection molding and extrusion machinery, rubber machinery, plastic filling machinery, plastic recycling equipment, auxiliary equipment, raw materials, tools & accessories, detecting equipment, mold, semi-finished and finished products, et..

Events Introduction: the international plastic showcase (NPE), with the longest history in American plastic industry, is American No.1 and world’s No. 3 plastic industry event. It is held every three year since 1946 and organized by the Plastics Industry Association (SPI).


Taking into account of suffering NPE2009 which had been through global financial crisis, NPE2012 had done a lot to attract more exhibitors and professional visitors and to re-establish the professional image of the exhibition. SPI, the organizer of NPE, moved the venue from the always McCormick Expo Center in Chicago to Orlando, Florida, which helped attracting more buyer from Latin America and Caribbean and brought greater benefits.

There were 1,933 exhibitors participated in NPE2012 and the total statistics of visitors was 55,000. Although the number of visitors had be increased, it still had a big gap to make up compared with the 240,000 visitors of K Fair in Germany in 2010 and 110,000 of Chinaplas2012 .

The three shows mentioned above are second to none in plastic industry which plastic enterprises can not be absent to occupy the global plastics market. Shini had taken part in all the three exhibitions for a successive three sessions and with booth area increased year by year.



This session Shini applied for a booth with four sides opened. With a total area of 232 square meters, the booth located in an area where most buyer would pass by. On the spot, Shini exposed its newly-developed products including drying & dehumidifying series, feeding & conveying series, dosing & mixing series, heating & cooling series, granulating & recycling series, as well as the automation robot series.

 HDD-U heatless dehumidifying dryer dries plastic material with compressed air and heatless dehumidify regeneration. Being immune to ambient temperature and humidity, HDD-U can continuously provide low dew-point drying air to ensure stable and favorable drying. SGD Gravimetric Dosers are new products of dosing and mixing series which have masterbatch measurement and weigh rolled into one. They are applicable for auto-proportional mixing of masterbatch and additives. SGD is able to automatically monitor the addition of masterbatch and additives. In this exhibition, Shini had also introduced its granulating and recycling system for large size of broken piece. SGS-80120S single-shaft shredders had been showed with SG-3675 sound-proof central granulator and CB-36 up-feed belt conveyor as one unit. After the efficient shredding of single-shaft shredder, process materials would been conveyed to sound-proof central granulator for further operation. The units were used to shred extra thick, tough and large solid materials. In addition, automation department had displayed its ST3-700-1400T three axis servo driven robot which is designed for injection molding machines placed in low plants. It is the optimal choice for hot runner mould users.


In addition to negotiating with business clients, Shini also propagandized its development of new product and service, so as to achieve the goal of exhibition, Internet, magazine and the personnel all-round marketing. The American distributor of Shini said, It has been a long time cooperating with Shini and to exhibit is the third time. For years, we help Shini promote all kinds of auxiliary equipment, including injection molding and blow molding. We have faith in Shini’s marketing model. In the last six months, our sales growth has doubled and we hope this exhibition will bring us redoubled growth in the next six years."