sLink Protocol Solution

The system possesses control function of both injection molding machine and auxiliary equipment. Integrate the monitor functions of auxiliary equipment,like dehumidifying dryer,gravimetric blender, water chiller and mold temperature controller etc. into the control system of the injection molding machine, which realize to monitor the working state of the injection molding machine and each auxiliary equipment via the touch screen on the injection molding machine. Therefore, it can improve operation efficiency and device maintenance.


  • Controllers of the auxiliary equipment have Ethernet function or RS485 communication ports, adopting industrial Modbus protocol which is commonly used all over the world for data communication. 
  • The system can connect the injection molding machine and auxiliary equipment via Ethernet or RS485 communication ports.  The injection molding machine and other upper computers can read data from slave stations like dryer, mold temperature controller, blender, loader, water chiller and robot for central control. 
  • With this techology, the operator can set the main control unit at the office or other places for central control and operate the slave station on spot conveniently. 
  • The protocol and data-collection software, checklists of each production machine can be set up which are convenient for searching of production process parameters and products quality analysis at end of the process.