CFC-free Refrigerant Water-cooled Water Chiller SIC-W-R2

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  • Introduction
    Les séries SIC-W/A sont applicables pour rafraîchir des moules pour réduire le cycle de moulage des produits, ils sont aussi disponibles pour le rafraîchissement d'équipements pour maintenir une température normale. En plus, ils sont appropriés pour d'autres industries avec le besoin de rafraîchissement.
  • Caractéristiques
      Standard configuration

    • Cooling range 7~25℃.

    • Insulated water tank made of stainless steel.

    • Equipped with anti-freeze thermostat.

    • Adopt R410A refreigerant, used to improve coefficient of performance(COP) and R410A is ozone-friendly.

    • Refrigeration loop controlled by high and low pressure switches to ensure stable operation.

    • Compressor and pump overload protection.

    • Adopts precise Italian temperature controller with and accuracy of ±1℃.

    • All adopt quality compressors from major supplier.

    • Middle Pressure Pump is optional.

    • SIC-W-R2 adopts tube-in-shell condenser design. Without any need of cooling water for excellent heat transfer and rapid cooling.

      Accessory option

    • Medium and high pressure pumps are optional to meet any pressure requirements.

    • Water tank level sensor is available to detect whether the water level is normal.

    • Hot-air bypass valve can be opted for with an accuracy of ±1℃.

    • Solenoid valves are optional to immediately cut the refrigerant after machine halts to prevent compressor freezing.

    • Refrigerant indicator can be opted to detect the refrigerant and ensure its quality and water ratio.

    • Flow switches are optional to detect the chilled water.

    • 1/2" water flow regulator SFR-400 is optional. (Only suitable for SIC-9W-R2 & SIC-14W-R2)