Низкоскоростные Грануляторы - SG-16N16D//20N

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  • Introduction
    Низкоскоростные Грануляторы серии SG-16N/20N имеют роторные и зигзагообразные лопасти на выбор покупателя. Они в основном используются для гранулирования литников или материал, забракованный сборщиком или ленточным конвейером наряду с литьевыми машинами. Они имеют низкую скорость, высокий крутящий момент, низкий уровень шума и запыленности, отличное качество и производительность. Машины построены в соответствии со стандартами безопасности СЕ.
  • Низкоскоростные Грануляторы - SG-16N16D//20N
  • Свойства
    • SG-16N series adopt new type staggered blades and unfixed blades which can keep a settled cutting clearance without adjustment after resharpen; SG-20N employs paddle blades and integration design to obtain better cutting performance.

    • Low granulating speed and sharp angle design of rotating blades are helpful for smooth and continuous operation.

    • Optimal cutting angle makes resistance small and avoid blockage to improve cutting efficiency.

    • Optimal design can effectively reduce vibration during operation of granulator.

    • Low speed granulating ensures well-proportioned granules and low dust level.

    • Low speed and sound-proof material hopper brings a quieter operation environment.

    • Easy access for easy maintenance and cleaning.

    • Small in size with castors for easy moving.

    • High safety grade design to comply with European safety standard.

    • Feeding chamber with built-in magnet will catch metal impurities in the materials.

    • 30-sec instant recycling system, regrind conveying via blower & cyclone, dust separator, height-increasing storage tank and full-receiver alarm device.Straight hoppers, special screens and double-layer screens.

    • Straight hoppers, double-layer screen, special screens.

    • For granulating fibre-added material, there's fibre-added granulator model for choosing. Surface-hardening treatment is adopted on the material contacting components. SG-20N fibre-added model chooses V-4E blade material.