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Special Reports

2016 Quarter 2 Issue 27

Review 2015 and Look Forward to 2016

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The 2015 faded away

Turmoil economic keeps slowing down, China’s economic transformation becomes new phase. That maybe is the most appropriate conclusion of global economy in 2015, and is also the key focus of economic variables.

US interest rate rises, dollar becomes strong

FED announced first rise in US interest rates since 10 years ago after last meeting in 2015. As US interest rate slight rise fulfills market expectation and it doesn’t impact the market. America economy kept slowing recovery since 2014, the US dollar also reached its highest level on exchange rate market never shown over the past 10 years. American citizens gradually get their confidence back, which stimulates local investment and consumption. In current global market, the US economy is relatively optimistic, European economy remains sluggish, economy in mainland China becomes weak, capital flows to emerging market. However, the US dollar will continue higher in 2016. 

Mainland economy weakening,  the RMB devaluated

Mainland economy growth rate was 7.4% at 2014, which declined to 6.9% at the third quarter of 2015. Confronted with the weakening on economy, continuous declining export, the RMB against US dollar dropped 4% within a year and got to 1:6.5. The growth rate will fall to 6.5% in the middle-short term which means the RMB will devaluate further as well. Compared to global economic environment, 6.5% is still a good result. There is no need to be pessimistic.    

Emerging markets frustrated, the oil price dropping 

The oil price has decreased sharply, and the inflation is under restraint. Under the rapidly deteriorating economic outlook, emerging markets like Russia, Brazil heavily suffered the recession, and the unemployment rate is increasing.

However, the good news is that under such a harsh environment in 2015, Shini Group still maintained a slight growth as before. As quoted from General Manager, Kenny Wu:" It is very encouraging to be growing up in recession. Keep it up and looking forward to next growth."

The 2015 of Shini Group    

In annually held Chinaplas, Shini displayed various products and technologies in latest research and development, which including the sLink, a kind of central monitoring technology based on network communication, Energy-saving Dryer, Smart Modular Dryer and Energy Efficiency CFC-free Refrigerant Water Chillers etc. Shini exhibited its innovative results in environmental protection, energy saving and industry 4.0 solution in the industry.    

Last September, the new factory in Chongqin had been put into operation officially, which will be dedicated to manufacture standard Hopper Dryer, Hopper Loader, Mould Temperature Controller and Budget Granulators. It aims to satisfy the auxiliary equipment demands in west China markets, offering the superior customer services. 

To expand the production base, Shini started the construction of another new plant beside the existing factory last year. It is also located at Shixia Village, Dongguan of Guangdong province. This project kicked off at last November, the total building area covers more than 90,000 square meters, which is a key important construction project of the local municipal government. By the completion, it will greatly relieve the pressure from current manufacturing factories, eventually improving the service effectiveness as well.  

Shini Group established the Dongguan Shinchen Engineering Co., Ltd. The company not only continued its production, manufacture and research for rotary valve based on advanced Japanese technologies, but also applied all sorts of valve production technologies from Taiwan, which enhances its competitiveness on the market. Moreover, it added the powder and granule conveying project. 

In 2000, Shini Group introduced the world famous software SAP for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). In 2015, preparing for industry 4.0, we invited a group of experts who possess full experience in practical manipulation of lean production at the second half year for enterprise self-improvement. Consequently, we’ve learned that continuous improvement should start from the ending of seven types of wasting in production. Additionally, we should consistently practice lean thinking as well as lean management to direct Shini towards lean production for auxiliary equipment step by step.  

 The challenges & chances of 2016

As the introduction of industry 4.0, more and more enterprises are inclining to plan the workshop focused on intellectualization, automation and systematization. Shini consistently to provide feeding system planning for all projects, and has newly increased the water, electricity, gas projects over previous level.   

Nowadays, manufacturing industry faces high labor costs; under the fourth industry revolution (4.0), we devote ourselves in research and development to integrate control system with various master computers; develop new application with sLink technology, and to upgrade the plant with the combination of Aprol and SAP. All of the technologies would be showed in Chinaplas 2016.    

Shini sticks the principle of “Focusing on Particular Business, Pursuing to be the World Leader”. With self-motivation and constant improvement, Shini devotes to offer world-class technology, qualified product and exquisite services. For enterprise social responsibilities, Shini aims to manufacture energy-saving products, making her efforts for environmental protection, and elaborately to establish reliable relationship with the partner for both strengthening and development.