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Special Reports

2017 Quarter 1 Issue 30

Reports after K2016

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As global largest plastic exhibition, K-show always attracts the world premiere eyes when holding in Dusseldorf of Germany. With top-level professional exhibitors and spectators, it established the mutual platform for plastics practitioners focused by millions of people. The eight-day K2016 was grandly held in exhibition center at Oct.19~26, receiving 3285 exhibitors and 230,000 professional visitors cross global 160 countries and regions, making K2016 an ideal business and enterprise platform. As world leading brand of auxiliary equipment, Shini joined in this show along with many innovative technologies and intelligent energy-saving series as its core products, which interests numerous visitors. 

In this show, Shini not only presented the Smart Modular Dehumidifying Dryer and Gravimetric Blender SGB-200-4 and other intelligent automation equipments, but also exhibited the Sound-proof Granulator SG-3650, Low-speed Granulator SG-1628N, “Large Flow” Water Heater STM-WF, High Temp. Water Heater that could reach 160℃/320OF maximally, Swing-arm Robot SS-550 and other major equipments. And there’s even some equipments were purchased in the show. 

Smart Modular Dehumidifying Dryer

Smart Modular Dehumidifying Dryer consists of one set of Honeycomb Dehumidifier SD-200H-SM4 and three sets of modular drying hoppers (two sets of MHD-230U and one set of MHD-160). Inside drying air pipe system ensures simple and easy installation of modular floor stand. Each air pipeline of drying hopper and electrical circuit can be conveniently connected to the Dehumidifier, which improves the mounting efficiency. All drying hoppers share one main pipeline, and drying air is exhausted via the outlet of dehumidifier and entering different drying hoppers through branch pipes on the main pipeline. After material drying, the hot air is sent out via the outlet and returns the main pipeline with return air, finally gets back to the Honeycomb Dehumidifier. During the process, each branch pipe of drying hopper is equipped with the airflow sensor and adjusting valve. Airflow sensor detects the variation and sends it to central control unit that controls the adjusting valve to achieve auto distribution and adjustment of airflow. Auto airflow-distribution technology on demand mainly features -40℃/-40OF drying air that could be distributed to each drying hopper via auto control system, achieving rational use of drying air, with reduced wastes. It could avoid over or insufficient dried materials, and each hopper’s drying temperature also could be controlled separately on demand. 

Gravimetric Blender SGB-200-4 (optional with a group of screw metering devices) could precisely mix up to 4 ingredients on proportion, and the minimum additive proportion is 0.2%, with metering accuracy reaching +/-0.1%. Inside main and secondary metering valve is vertical structure, and equipped with high-precision weighing unit. It ensures discharge accuracy and stable operation, making simple machine appearance. Micro-screw metering valve adopts modular installation structure, with simple cleaning structure, which is convenient for material replacement. This series of machines could precisely mix up to 8 ingredients, and all models are equipped with conveying system for control. Hopper SHR-U-ST and Vacuum Generator SVG easily mounted to the Gravimetric Blender SGB, achieving one-stop centralized control with simple operation for customers on site. 

K-show is a grand stage in plastics industry, and you may find various solutions for plastics on it. Such as the fully automatic extrusion line presented on extruders area, including material handling, extrusion control, thickness measurement and wastes real-time recycle; Intelligent identification, man-machine interaction and Robots playing basketball with automatic solutions by special demonstrations. High-speed automation picking-up from injection equipments, automation assembly and intelligent production line showed vigorous developmental trend of the plastics industry. No doubt, this exhibition can’t miss industry 4.0, no matter from various forums, equipment manufacturers or consultants of industry 4.0 on site, and it all could glimpse the figures of industry 4.0, which is everywhere.   

As the leading brand of plastics auxiliary manufacturers, Shini has provided customers with network integrated control of sLink technology many years ago. Through standard network carrier, it could achieve the centralized monitoring and data processing for molding host units and its peripheral equipment. This technology was well received by lots of partners and customers. In this exhibition, there were many famous plastics manufacturers, such as Chen Hsong, BORCH, YIZUMI and CML which were collocated with Shini products and sLink solutions, making mutual interaction between host units and the auxiliary equipment for intelligent injection molding. Moreover, Shini also exhibited data collection system and MES system as well as professional workshop planning, offering solutions for the whole intelligent production and one-station service with key handing in. The data collection system collects data of molding equipments in whole workshop, setting up a bridge between molding equipment and MES system. It provides professional data preprocessing for MES system, which then send the data to ERP system after processing, showing different screens for different users to make reasonable decisions. The data should have important storage, as to offer accurate database for late-process control, product improvement and data analysis.     

Each exhibition has gathered endeavors of all Shini members, from the beginning until end, data editing to borrowing of professional equipments, product demonstrating and design in strict details, all we want is to bring you more surprises. 

In the end, welcome come to Chinaplas2017 in booth 3.1A41, Shini is waiting for you right here, be there or be square!