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Special Reports

2010 Quarter 2 Issue 3

SHINI Grinding Technology with High-efficiency and Safety

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Prospects of Plastics Recycling

With the development of economy and improvement of peoples life, all kinds of plastic products provide not only convenience but also terrible "white pollution". So researching the treatment of waste plastics attracts more and more attention by governments. The recycling of waste plastics directly affect environment protection, air pollution, and even existence and development of plastics industry. At present, China is the second largest plastics consumption country in the world. Annual consumption is over 3,400 tons, but the recovery is only 200 tons. It is obvious that the space of recycling is huge. According to relevant statistics, the market value of plastics recycling in China is beyond RMB 100 billion RMB. So researching the recycling use of waste plastics in China has a profound effect on not only environment protection but also sustainable development.


Overview of SHINI Granulating and Recycling

SHINI is one of the largest auxiliary equipment manufacturers in the world, which owns six series of products in which granulating and recycling series can provide perfect, high-efficient and safe auxiliary equipment, including low-speed granulators, sound-proof central granulators and large-size shredders, which have great variety of models to meet market requirements for granulating and shredding of plastics.


High-efficiency Grinding Technology

Our granulator has compact structure, full-closed design and sound-proof cabinet ensuring low noise. The cutting chamber is made of high-rigidity material after processed by CNC machine and has the features like high intensity, super wearability, anti-contamination, long service life and easy for maintenance and repairing. High-quality transmission belt connects the transmission shaft and its pulley which helps to maintain a balanced operation mode, close contact, and also easy to disassemble and repair. The cutting tools adopts new-type design of one-line cutting not only retains advantages of cross-cutting technology, but also holds new features that cut-off point happens on the blade once. This feature can keep low loss, noise and dust level, and save energy too. The cutters are made of imported high quality steel featuring wearability, high rigidity, long service life and reusability after sharpening. Simple cutter installation and adjusting technology makes the rotating blades be adjusted within clamps outside the machine, instead of being adjusted inside the machine as before. Automatic feeding can be realized when equipped with blower which saves time and energy.


Safe Grinding Technique

High-speed rotating blades inside granulators are highly dangerous. To avoid safety accidents during granulating, our granulators adopt high-safety protection system.

■ Emergency stop button: there is a red button on the control panel, when emergency happenes, push it to stop the machine.

■ Safety switch: circuit breakers are equipped in the field with hidden danger when machine is running to avoid accidents.

■ Stop leather: all granulators equip stop leathers at the feed opening, which ensures no material sprinkling during granulating.