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New Product Launch

2009 Quarter 4 Issue 1

Soun-proof Central Granulators SG-70

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■ Cutting chamber size is 700×1200mm, and driven motor is 90kW, which facilitates granulating of large plastic frame and solid material.

■ We adopt newest V-shape cutting technology, which can send the scraps to the middles of blade to avoid material remaining at cutting chambers interior sidewall, and ensure lifetime of the cutting chambers interior sidewall.

■ Fully sound-proof feeding hopper reduces noise greatly in the process of machine running.


Performance-Price Ratio

■ Compared to the same performance in Europe and United states, our price is more competitive. Compared to the same products in plastics industry, SHINI product posses with moresecurity and stable performance, all the spare parts are of world brand name.



■ With development of plastic industry, more and more large plastic products appear. Our traditional cutting material. Therefore, SG-70120 is specially designed for granulating and recycling large plastic shell. chamber is not enough to satisfy for granulating and recycling large plastic waste materials. Plastic molding purge profile is also becoming larger and larger, our current driven motor is unable to granulate this kind of material. Therefore, SG-70120 is specially designed for granulating and recycling large plastic shell.


Q & A

■ Q:Whats the application situation?
■ A:This machine is mainly applied in granulating all kinds of plastic materials, including wastes from Injection molding, blowing molding or extrusion molding.
Note: According to different allocation of blades, the function varies respectively.
5×2 (standard) is used to granulate solid material, like bottles, rollers with large volume.
5×3 is used to granulate plastic material, thick sheet etc,.

■ Q: Is it convenient for cleaning?
■ A: We take consideration of heavy weight of feeding hopper and screen brackets during design, which is very hard to open or close manually. This machine is equipped with hydraulic device, operator can easily make cleaning and maintenance by means of pressing simple button in the control box to open or close feeding hopper and screen brackets. Our design features mechanical anti-falling device, which prevents feeding hopper falling off suddenly to ensure security of labor after opening the feeding hopper for cleaning.

■ Q: Whats the maximum thickness of the materials?
■ A: It will not exceed 150mm.

■ Q: Whats kind of blade material?
■ A: Blade material is SKD11. It is used to granulate material without fiber. After quenching, rigidity can reach HRC55-58.

■ Q: Can this machine granulate material with fiber? If it is possible, Whats the proportion?
■ A: This machine can granulate materials with fiber; but the proportion cant exceed 30%. If you want to granulate this kind of material, it is necessary to make special process for blades and cutting chamber, but thickness of waste material will also be reduced.