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Special Reports

2010 Quarter 4 Issue 5

Introduction to Shini Spain

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PROTECNOS is a Spanish company with 35 years of development history, subordinating six Branch Offices. With nearly 20 years of cooperation with Chinese Corporations, PROTECNOS has accumulated over decades of experiences in plastics injection molding and processing machinery industry. For more details, you are welcome to browse home website: www.protecnos.com.


Since the day when PROTECNOS became the import merchant, we spared no delay to cooperate with suppliers to develop new technology, finally achieving the aim of improving the production. And we also devoted much more efforts than other countries to enhance flexibility of involving into the European market with a stricter standard.


Accordingly, this way of cooperation requires a high commitment between us and suppliers. Integration not only plays an important role in popularize PROTECNOS brand among clients, but works as the critical foundation for the cooperation with production parent company.


At present, PROTECNOS brand have been verified and approved by Spanish authority. We attach great importance to any machine labeled with PROTECNOS trademark or the machine with no label but going under the PROTECNOS sales network and we also provide quality and brand protection. Although we encounter the unprecedented financial crisis, best services with high credibility are still under offer for customer in all lines of products sales. The loyalty rate of over 90% attests the satisfaction and acceptance for our technical service and two-year guarantee (overpass the guarantee time we offer for suppliers).


As the supply group of plastics processing, we introduce Shini products to enhance competitiveness with respect to the PROTECNOS product appreciation due to the fact that Shini has been regarded as the biggest manufacturer of auxiliary plastics machine concerning quality and variety.


Therefore, business relationship with Shini has been under blossoming for 8 years until now, and the sole agency has been formally conferred to PROTECNOS in Spain 6 years ago. From that on, we regularly attended some major events to introduce Shini products as distributing partner in Spain.



As the exclusive distributor of Shini in Spain, we usually keep a steady volume of products stock ranging from water chiller, auto loader, mixer, granulator, heater, dryer and dehumidifier, all of them are capable of meeting client’s demand and showing great advantages in times of financial crisis. Warehouse in Poland brings us favorable convenience for reducing delivery time, which is the key point determining whether sales business can be dealt successfully or not.


With the sales network of the six experienced manufacturers covering the whole region of Spain, PROTECNOS is always conducting ongoing investigations to know more about market selling and keeps reminding clients of newly-developed goods. Also we provide suggestions on how to select suitable equipment for actual operations.


The impact of global financial crisis causes great damage to the Europe, and Spain is no exception. But we PROTECNOS amplify our efforts to recover the previous status so we are confident that we would surely occupy a seat in Shini business structure again.


Confronting past effort we paid and future challenges, we got the news that the financial crisis likely got to its bottom. Thus, we anticipate our re-capturing of market sales and increasing sales rate. Fortunately, this expectation has shown its tendency on the cooperation relationship with Shini.


Our trust and anticipation towards Shini are included in the comprehensive introduction to Shini. To pursue such an objective, PROTECNOS will exert all its energies to boost the continuous bilateral cooperation.