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New Product Launch

2010 Quarter 4 Issue 5

Belt Conveyor PNL-MS with Metal Detector

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• Equip with direct metal detector which is capable of detecting metal effectively inside passway.
• Conveyor is made of PVC material, making it stable to deliver with a high efficiency.
• The height of machine is adjustable in a certain limit according to actual needs.
• The height of side baffle plate is 100mm.
• Transducer is the standard equipment with speed regulation range of 1.3~8m/min.
• PNL-MS-L3500 minimum detectable diameter (metal ball) is SФ5mm.
• PNL-MS-L4500 minimum detectable diameter (metal ball) is SФ8.7mm.
• Power supply: 3Ф,400VAC,50Hz.



Performance-Price Ratio:

The machine adopts S+S metal detector from famous German manufacturer with a world leading role in detecting accuracy, plus stable and reliable performance while its price is just the same as that of domestic manufacturers.



PNL-MS belt conveyor is capable of detecting metal and sounding alarm in conveying process. PN-MS series belt conveyor collocates with SG-36 series granulator, SG-43 series and SG-50 series and crusher series machines or with forms of conveyor in use. This series product can be adjusted according to customer demand in height with stable performance and convenient operation.



Q: Does this model have the same accuracy when used to detect other metal materials?
A: It can be used to detect other metals, but accuracy will be poorer. Thus the detecting test of tested metal before detecting other forms of non-metal materials is necessary to ensure the accuracy of effective inspection quality.
Q: Would the scrap iron wrapped in plastics affect the testing accuracy?
A: No, it would not.
Q; How to measure PNL-MS effective testing accuracy?
A: As the height of direct metal detector varies, so does the testing accuracy. Testing accuracy on the center part of passway is poorest while testing accuracy on lower part of passway is best. Therefore, the testing effective accuracy we refer is the testing accuracy on the center part of passway.