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Product Improvement

2010 Quarter 4 Issue 5

Flexible Screw Feeders SSC-40 / 50 / 65

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• Mix different material evenly and avoid the material separation of beforehand mixed material during conveying in an effective way.
• Adopts function of spiral spring driven by motor, making low noise during operation.
• Adopts sealed pipe to conveying material to avoid contaminations.
• Installation site of flexible conveyor can be adjusted, which makes an excellent compatibility with other conveying systems.
• Reversed motor protector is installed to avoid failure of conveying due to reversal running of motor. Standard device is a conveying pipe of 5m length; the maximum one goes as long as 7m.
• The flexible design renders installation, maintenance and repairing convenient.



Key Improvements:

• Adjust the size of spring to enable SSC series to convey granule with diameter of 5mm.
• Alter the fixed form of spring to further convenient for assembling and repair.


Performance-Price Ratio:

A stable process of conveying material plus low noise, competitive price and high performance-price ratio.



Mainly used for conveying situations of short distance according to requirement of clients. Granulator, material mixer and special material tank are available for collocation.


Product Improvement

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