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Special Reports

2011 Quarter 1 Issue 6

Number Selection of Fixed Blade for Central Granulators

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Shini is well-known as one of the global manufactures for plastics auxiliary equipments with its eight series of products, including Granulating and Recycling series which is capable of offering granulating and recycling devices with high efficiency and safety. Main products include granulators, sound-proof central granulators and large-size granulators, all of them meet the requirement of current market.


Based on various cutters, Shini has three kinds of products: screenless granulators, staggered blade granulators and paddle blade granulators; based on functions, Shini has low-speed granulators, central granulators and roll-feed granulators. By means of different models of granulators, customers are allowed to process granulated materials with solutions. In the case of recycling the sprues and defective goods after plastics molding, customers may choose low-speed granulators to solve the problem. Just as its name implies, roll-feed granulators comes out as the perfect device for granulating films and sheets. When dealing with injection molding, extruder molding and blow molding, customers would get central granulators as their optimal assistant.


If the increasing larger size of plastic wastes renders small and medium-sized granulators powerless, Shini can provide large-sized granulators and shredders to satisfy the customers’ demand. And large-sized of SG - 50, SG - 70 has three different types of cutting chamber for selection to meet customer demand for different granulating purposes. Now we provide insights into the structure of three different granulating chambers as follows:


• High cutting point
This kind of design has a high starting point of fixed blade, making a small feeding space of chamber, and these characteristics make cutting function not overpower. Thus even in the most demanding environment, rotor will be free from obstruction or appears to be a stall. The design is usually suitable for granulating rubber heads of injection molding, thick wall stuff and thick plate. (See Picture 1 of Chamber Structure)

Picture 1: Chamber Structure (High cutting point)


• Low cutting point
This kind of design has a low starting point of fixed blade, making a large feeding space of chamber, where materials would be held quickly and granulated. The design is usually suitable for granulating large hollow shells and frames. (See Picture 2 of Chamber Structure)

Picture 2: Chamber Structure (Low cutting point)


• Optional (Three Rows of Fixed blade)
Three Rows of Fixed blade is installed based on the high cutting point with one row fixed blade. Granulating throughput is higher than that of two rows. And its design parameters, performance and application are the same as that of high cutting point. (See Picture 3)


Picture 3: Chamber Structure (Three Rows of fixed blade)