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2011 Quarter 1 Issue 6

Successful Application: Granulating and Recycle of Sprues

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Sprue stub bars with big size take up much space and make transportation inconvenient. Adopting method of centralized granulating needs to have stub bars granulated continuously with loud noise and much powder. Also recycled materials can not be added as plastics finish being produced.

Customer puts forward tow requests for planning: firstly, crushed materials should be granule and powderless state is favorable. (Granules can be a bit bigger) Secondly, Crushed material can be directly transported to 25 kg bag after falling into hopper. The proper teeth cutters gap of collocating screenless granulator should be 6mm and conveying device adopts vacuum loader with dual-channel timer control. This is because it is low-speed granulator with a relatively small throughput. In addition, the foot stand for vacuum hopper 25kg bag is specially made to store crushed material from loaders. And a control box plus a timer and alarm is equipped with foot stand for customers to set time alert to remind that material bag would be stuffed full. The design reduces personnel patrol, realizing the initial planning. In this way, the space occupied by stub bars can be saved transportation becomes convenient, more importantly is that the process of feeding sprues into granulators and conveying them to 25 kg bag is a total automatic operation. Therefore, there is no need to check granulators and loaders randomly, thus the working fashion wins customers high praise.