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Product Improvement

2011 Quarter 2 Issue 7

SG-50 Sound-proof Central Granulator

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The structure is well constructed and operation is convenient. The inner wall of both cutting chamber and feeding box are equipped with cotton to render noise low.

Paddle cutters with V shape and gradual inclined cutting lower cutting force and axial force, making cutting effect favorable.

Cutter installation is handy. Rotating and fixed blades are reusable after sharpened.

For the different shapes and thicknesses of regrind, a variety of groups can be formed by arranged rotating and fixed blades so as to enhance granulating capacity.





Key Improvements

The assembly of SG-5090 cutting chamber makes it possible to fit two or three rows fixed cutters together on the same granulator.

Screen cloth, screen frame and storage box have been improved to avoid material leakage resulting from manufacturing errors.



Performance-price Ratio

Before improvement, SG-5090 is the basic model, along with SG-5090A, SG-5090B, SG-5090AB, SG-5090F, SG-5090H, SG-5090Z and models with high cutting point. Too many models are inconvenient for production management and also troublesome for model selection.

After improvement, SG-5090 is capable of assembling multiple models because on one granulator two or three rows of fixed blades can be fitted and tool rest shafts of three or five rows of rotating blades can be interchangeable. In that case, one granulator can meet all kinds of materials so that costs would be reduced.



With SG-5090 materials with various shapes can be granulated intensively. Based on different shapes, customers can adopt different rows arranged for rotating and fixed blades cater to material shape, as well as enhance granulating capacity. For example, two rows of fixed blades are suitable for granulating large shell body while three rows for thick block material. In a word, the row of blades is available for adjustment as customers wish according to material shape. Therefore, this series can meet a variety of demands with a convenient disassembly of blades.

Blade adjustor is needed for assembling rotating and fixed blades. In that way, the installation method becomes simpler than before in which adjusting blades gap is always finished inside the machine.

For the granulating of material plus fiber or similar ones like CPVC, it is just necessary to replace original blades with ones plus fiber.


Product Improvement

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