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Special Reports

2011 Quarter 2 Issue 7

Introduction to New Type Teeth Cutter

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Shini screen-less granulators are applicable for immediate recycling and small amount granulating of long and tiny sprues with strong toughness. Considering old type teeth cutter can hardly meet requirements of new plastics’ recycling as plastic industry develops with more and more plastic materials, Shini designs and launched accordingly a new type oblique teeth cutter to conform to the world market.


Features of oblique teeth cutter:


Lower possibility of stress concentration;

Enhance bearing capacity;

Alter stress direction to reduce stress;


Comparison of dimension sectional drawing:



Based on sectional drawing above, the width of stress point of widening teeth cutter (Root of teeth) is increased from 6mm to 11.47mm. That means bearing capacity is enhanced 1.9 times. (11.47/6=1.9)


Comparison of stress sectional drawing:


Based on sectional drawing above, old type teeth cutters are arranged in 90 degree, which renders stress concentration possible to happen while the angle of new type one is 115 degree, which lowers possibility of stress concentration. Besides, due to the cutter slope resulting in component force, only 0.9 times force is acted upon side face.