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New Product Launch

2011 Quarter 3 Issue 8

Sound-proof Central Granulators SG-3675

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A solidly-built structure with an enclosed soundproof cabinet design can effectively lower noise level during operation.

Cutting chamber is made from high-hardness material after fashioning by CNC, having advantages of large thickness, high intensity, high abrasive-resistance, free of contamination, long service life and easy maintenance.

Paddle blades adopt the latest V-shape cutting to ensure a favorable cutting efficiency.

The blades material is made from imported steel to ensure high abrasion resistance and high durability.
Equipped with presetting knife jig, the simple technology of installing and adjusting blades renders both rotating and fixed blades be adjusted within fixtures.

Equipped with current relay, motor overload protector and other multiple safety protection devices.

For granulating fiber-added material, fiber-added granulator model is available for selection. Also adopt surface-hardening treatment on material contact components. Blades material adopts V-4E joint with S50C.

Regrind conveying system is equipped as standard.

Cyclone dust separator can effectively remove the air from regrind and make material collecting convenient.

Anti-vibration pads can effectively absorb the vibration during machine operation.

Dust-separating system is optional to select to effectively separate dusts in the regrind and the height of floor stand can be adjusted based on actual situation.




Feeding Port for Conveyor


Material Side Feed Pipe


Performance-price Ratio

Equipped with the famous German brand SIMENS motor and electric components to ensure a stable and reliable performance.

The whole unit adopts soundproof cabinet design. Compared with counterparts from European opponents, SG-3675 series has the equivalent performance while having a competitive price.



SG-3675 series are suitable for granulating and recycling all kinds of plastics materials and wastes included in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion molding. For granulating fiber-added or alike material (Such as CPVC), we suggest choosing the fiber-added model granulators, and add "F" at the model behind.



Q: Under what circumstances can customers choose SG-3675 series?

A: SG-3675 is applicable for the plastic heads with thickness of below 50mm or shell materials with dimensions of below 700mm*300mm*250mm, and granulating throughput is 800kg/hr.

Q: What are the differences between newly launched SG-36 and old model SG-36?

A: 1, Both rotating and fixed blades can be adjusted within presetting jig and burdensome internal adjustment can be avoided;
2, Fixed blade starting cutting point on rear block has been raised, rear fixed blade is installed on rear block for easy sharpening and replacement.

Q: Is SG-3675 capable of granulating fiber-added material?

A: Yes. The fiber-added model granulators are optional for selection. Also adopt surface-hardening treatment on material contact components. Blades material adopts V-4E joint with S50C.


New Product Launch

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