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Press Release

2011 Quarter 3 Issue 8

Exclusive Interview with Steven Chen

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Shini—Heavyweight of Plastic Auxiliary Equipments


Founded in 1969 in Taiwan, Shini Plastics Technologies Incorporation has become one of the leading enterprises among plastic auxiliary equipment makers in China mainland. Shini group has experienced over 41 years developments and has become the world-class manufacturer by adhering to the management idea of "Focus on Particular Business, Pursuing to be the World Leader". Shini group is continuously promoting herself by increasingly reinforcing investment and R&D ability with the help of abundant funds and advanced technologies in a bid to extend the depth and breadth of plastic auxiliary equipments.



At present, Shini has established six manufacturing bases in Taiwan, China Mainland and India, with a wide product line ranging from material drying plus conveying to metering plus mixing, from mould temperature control to cooling system of injection molding machine and from auto robots to wastes granulating and recycling. Nowadays Shini has eight series products including Drying & Dehumidifying, Feeding & Conveying, Mixing & Dosing, Cooing & Heating, Granulating & Recycling, System Solution, Hot Runner System and Robotics. Not only did Shini occupy a highest market share at home but Shini has been widely accepted at abroad with the worlds top selling amount.


Steven Chen


As the industry leader, Shini features "One-stop manufacturing", which is also the embodiment of corporate comprehensive strength. Heavily invested sheet metal processing equipments such as numerical control machine, shearing machine, oil press, laser cutting machine can be seen through Shini plants, also there are numerically controlled lathe, milling machine, auto powder coating line and detecting instrument are available. In addition, Shini has its exclusive casting plant with sophisticated devices. Thanks to the advanced equipments, self-produced rate of Shini products is higher than 90% and 75% accessory parts can be self-made. It is undoubtedly that state-of-the-art equipments are the fundamental of superior goods while high self-produced rate is the must-be of product quality.


Steven Chen, Deputy General Manager of Shini Dongguan, told us that apart from advanced equipments, branches of Shini group have successfully implemented ISO9001 Quality Management Systems. The special quality laboratory with high precise detecting instruments has been established in an attempt to strictly control products quality in accordance with inspection process. Furthermore, Shini group also builds the Product Quality Management System (Products’ Archives) in a bid to track quality conditions of products plus accessories and improve after-sales service efficiency. The series products of Shini have gradually been acknowledged by CE conformity, making them acceptable during foreign markets.


Shini group has a professional R&D team constituted by a group of experienced young and veteran engineers with highly competent skills. The number of personnel of R&D accounts for 10% of Shini group employees, which guarantees a full-time person responsible for engineering projects from investigation to management. New product development is carried out in line with ISO management in which mass production would not be preceded until we fulfilled market survey, project evaluation, prototyping and acceptances check. Therefore, new launched products of Shini always cater to market demands with quality assurance”, said Mr Steven. Besides, one of the important activities in the knowledge management is Exchange of experience, which allows every engineer to share precious know-how during researches. In that way, more innovative ideas can be sparked thanks to the accumulation of knowledge.


Energy-saving and Eco-friendly are world’s concerns nowadays. Accordingly Shini launched a series of products such as water chillers with pro-environmental new refrigerant, SCD-ES all-in-one compact dryers, SVD vacuum drying loaders, water heaters with magnetic pump and new-type extrusion control system. About that Mr Steven introduced us details of SCD-ES and SVD series:


"SCD-ES All-in-One" Compact dryers combine the function of dehumidifying, drying and two-stage conveying into one single unit, specified for the production of engineering plastics material such as PA, PC, PBT, and PET. Of them Optics-OP type device is suitable for processing application of lenses, LCD backlight panel, compact discs etc. Under ideal conditions, it can provide lower than -40℃ dew-point dehumidified air. Its major feature is that the hourly throughput of plastic material is adjustable and system automatically adjusts drying capacity and energy consumption. Energy conversation can be saved by 0~40% when the material amount per hour is set as that of 20~100% drying capacity.



SVD Vacuum Dryers series combine the function of drying and conveying into one unit. It used vacuum to reduce water boiling point to drying plastic materials and achieve the purpose of saving energy, protecting material performance and reducing space of machine. It is suitable for drying processing plastic materials, such as PA, PC, ABS, etc. Use high-efficient vacuum pump to exhaust air in plastic materials and dry them by conduction. The power consumption of this model is as 50% as traditional machines.



Factors including adhering to quality, pursuit of innovation, maneuvering of management and taking the advantage of market tendency contribute to an outstanding sale. According to Mr Steven, annual turnover in Shini Dongguan in 2010 reached about 300 million RMB (pretax), which not only surpasses the annual intended target but became the highest sale record. Compared with the annual turnover in 2009 (176 million) and 2008, it has increased by 72% and 21% respectively.


The year of 2011 saw Shini maintaining a favorable momentum following 2010, in which orders are scheduled in a saturated planning with the average order reaching 2600 in the first quarter. Earthquake struck Japan in March 2011 has caused material shortage, which makes sales of the same period last year drop a little bit. But what sounds positive is that the outlook of sales reaching expected target in 2011 would be appreciable based on marketing trend and increasing proportion of current orders.


Mr Steven also shares reasons for Shini sales boosting with us. Firstly, big orders of large equipments such as SHD-8000U and SD-4000H help a lot with Shini production. Secondly, the improvement of market prompted many large and medium enterprises to increase investments. Of them is Foxcoon group whose total transactions with Shini have reached over 24 million RMB. At present, Shini is the exclusive manufacturer who almost provides all of drying and dehumidifying systems for Foxcoon group. Thirdly, the annual turnover of system engineering in 2010 has reached 10.68 million RMB, increasing by 57% compared with the data in 2009. Also the scheduled target sale (10 million RMB) has been completed smoothly. System construction process is relatively smooth with most of engineering can be under acceptance after 15 days installation. Fourthly, March in 2010 has seen the establishment of Shantou Branch, which managed to open sales situations within several months. Thanks to joint efforts, the turnover of Shantou branch in 2010 has reached 1.4 million RMB.


And then Mr Steven added that, to judge from active demands of large system engineering, more and more manufactures attach importance to energy-saving, high efficiency and automation in the context of increasing energy consumption and labor cost. This is an important signal of upgrading industry, and we believed that the demand concerning large equipment and systems engineering will be under skyrocket, which will be likely to pose a great challenge to Shini capacity of design and production”, said Mr Steven.


With respect to products development and research in 2011, Mr Steven says that Shini will proceed to adhere to its own design concept by combining innovation with continuous improvement and stabilizing quality performance.


Drying and dehumidifying: as global resource became less and less, energy saving became the top priority. Shini would head toward this issue with improving current product line. Feeding and conveying: the models of Shini have been more and more, especially large model ones, the relevant models concerning feeding and conveying also are under increasing, thus Shini would devote to developing large-scale products. Mixing and Dosing: since this is series requiring high accuracy and stability, Shini would continue to combine accuracy with stability. Heating and cooling: future products of Shini would develop towards pro-environmental refrigerant. Granulating and recycling: Shini has a great variety of granulators and Shini would strive to upgrade them and develop conveyors of shredders.


Then particularly Mr Steven mentions the fact that Shini has been haunted by the infringement and counterfeit of other competitors. Thus Shini group is now putting more stresses on property right with Shini s products under being patented. Apart from appearance patents, Auxiliary Engineering Center of Shini has submitted 25 utility models patents application in 2010. In future Shini intensifies efforts on products researchability in a bid to submit invention patent application in the near future.


For those who disregard the law, infringe upon patent rights of Shini products, Shini group would not tolerate any counterfeit behaviors and will be bound to take legal steps to defend their own rights and protect the interests of its customers. Hereby Shini reminds all buyers must double check the trademark and manufacturing company when purchasing products.