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Press Release

2012 Quarter 1 Issue 10

Shini Debuts in German Fakuma

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About Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 18th—22nd, October 2011
Exhibition Venue: Germany Friedrichshafen
Exhibition Center: Messe Friedrichshafen
Sponsor and co-organizer: P.E. Schall GmbH Trade Fairs & Exhibitions
Exhibition Contents: Extruders, Blow Molding Machines, Plastics Pelletizers, Injection Molding Machines, Plastic Automatic Peripheral Equipments, Film Blowing Machine, Plastic Injection Molding Molds and Plastic Materials.
Exhibitors Number: 1,541


Fakuma is the most influential plastic exhibition in Germany and it closed successfully in 22nd October 2011. 

As the globally top of plastic injection molding exhibition, Fakuma has gradually become the biggest and most international plastic exhibition in Europe. Second to K-show, Fakuma is held twice every three year. Of all exhibit items are Injection Molding Machines, Extruders, Blowing Molding Machine and Plastic Peripheral Equipments and Plastic Injection Molding Molds and Plastic Materials. There are 12 pavilions in the center, accounting for 85,000 square meters. Total number of exhibitors is 421 from 38 countries and regions, visitor s number up to 37,281 and 23% of them comes from outside Germen. The most of visitors is technician and purchaser who are from German or other European countries. Their paying visit to Shini booth is greatly helpful for promoting Shini brand and image.



Fakuma 2011 witnesses the eurozone debt crisis and global economic recession. But German seems to be barely vulnerable to the crisis. German is a key position in European engineering industry and it is considered a powerful nation with regard to economy and manufacturing with globally leading technologies. 5-day exhibition allows many technology-oriented suppliers to showcase their latest-launched products, among them are some of European giants, exhibiting the up-to-date motor-driven injection molding machine.



In the exhibition, Automation solution of Shini attracted much attention of European OEM manufacturers. Shini will focus on Automation in the future based on market demands, and that is why Shini in recent years has constantly innovated technologies to improve Robots, and one example is the newly-launched IML system. The 5-day show also saw Shini made a memo with an Italian OEM producer.


Shini exhibits material handling solutions and peripheral equipments for injection molding machines, including granulating, dehumidifying, temperature controlling, conveying and mixing machinery. The exchange with other renowned manufacturers allows Shini to obtain latest information and positive feedback.


The latest Low-speed Screenless Granulators adopt newly type inclined teeth cutter, which reduces stress concentration and enhance cutting forces. SHD-U-HD series Heatless Dehumidifying Dryers is equipped with heatless air dryer, which provides drying air with the low dew-point without heating. Plus is the newly developed STM-MW Mold Temperature Controllers, adopting Shini-made magnetic-drive pump to ensure a solution free of leakage.


Shini invites you to come and see us in Fakuma 2012!