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Press Release

2010 Quarter 1 Issue 2

Complete Success of SHINI Product Training Program for Overseas Distributors in the Fourth Quarter of 2009

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The Fourth Quarter of 2009 Shini Product Training was held on November 30th. The participants are mainly overseas distributors, such as the United States-Budzar, Poland- Dospel Plastics,Portugal-Deltaplas, South Africa-Maritime Marketing and Central Asia Xinjiang Turan Huangjin.

The training was organized by Marketing & Customer Services Department of Corporate Strategic Center. Training courses mainly covers newly developed products, including latest full series Servo Driven Beam Robots (STM1, STM3 and STM5), Hot Runner systems, Heatless Drying & Dehumidifying series, Gravimetric Blenders, Large Sound-proof Central Granulators SG-70 series and so on.

The whole training courses lasted five days, from Nov. 30th to Dec. 4th of 2009. The main courses comprise working principle, model selection & application, operation, service and maintenance etc. Although the schedule is tight, we have substantial in content. In the training course, all trainees are interacting actively, which is conductive to improving mutual understanding among all distributors. After training, distributors had a further comprehending of Shini brand and enhanced knowledge of Shini products. Therefore, all distributors feel much more confident to promote Shini products in future.

The major training goal of Shini Group is to raise customers cognition of Shini products and enhance customer service satisfaction. Shini has always been attaching great importance to product training. Via the training program, both organizer and lecturers had a better command of product knowledge. In the future, Shini will make every effort to enlarge training theme and topic range and endeavor to achieve maximum of customer service satisfaction.