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Product Improvement

2013 Quarter 4 Issue 17

Central Granulator SG-70

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Product Craft

•Paddle blades (made from imported steel material of high quality, with strong durability, high hardness and long service life) in V shape can prevent material from sticking to the side walls and increase the service lives of side walls to get good cutting effects by sending materials about to be crushed to the middle of blades. 

•For granulating scraps of different shapes and thicknesses, there are different cutting chambers which are made by different combinations of rotary blades and fixed blades to achieve the best cutting effect. 

•Cutting chamber which is made from materials of high hardness features extra wall thickness, high intensity, strong durability, non-pollution, long service life and easy maintenance and so on after being highly processed by numerically control machine.

•With a cooling water system, the cutting chamber can effectively lower its temperature and avoid fusion of crushed materials. 

Energy Conservation and Environment Protection

•Compact structure, convenient operation, low noise due to feeding box which employs sound-proof cotton.

Safety and Convenience

•With technology of convenient mounting blades, rotary blades and fixed blades can be reused after being resharpened. Blades are adjusted in blades adjuster after being grinded, which ensures simple and convenient mounting of blades. 

•Feeding box and screen bracket which possess self-locking function adopts electronic handspike to open and close to make operation safer. 

•With current relay, motor overload protection and multiple safety protection devices, it ensures safe operation. 

•With presetting knife jig as well as simple technology of installing and adjusting of cutting tool, SG-70 series allows adjusting the rotary blades and fixed blades within the presetting knife jig outside the machine, which can avoid the difficult adjusting procedure inside the machine.

•Connect the drive shaft to belt pulley via V type belt to make it run smoothly and disassemble conveniently. 

Accessory Option 

•Flywheel is for enhancing inertia to strengthen cutting ability as well as balancing load on bearing to increase its service life. 

•Material-feeding blower is for feeding automatically to increase efficiency. 

•Cyclone separator is for effectively separating the air and crushed materials to make material collecting convenient.

•Dust-separating system is for effectively remove dust from crushed materials. The height of floor stand can be adjusted within certain limits according to different demands. 

•Sound-proof box is for effectively reduce noise produced during granulating process. 

•Side feeding is for conveniently feeding materials to long pipes and profiles. 

•Conveyer is for conveniently sending materials to cutting chamber to be granulated and thus to solve the feeding problems of the traditional large-scale granulator (which need to bury the granulator in a pit or built platforms for feeding)

Performance-price Ratio 

The switch from 3 rotary blades and 2 fixed blades to 5 rotary blades and 2 fixed blades, and vice versa, can be achieved by replacing some parts of cutting chamber. If equipped with a sound-proof box, SG-70 will be equivalent to a sound-proof granulator. Consequently, SG-70 can realize multi-use of one machine and is suitable for granulating materials of different shapes as well as extend its applications. Compared with making more types of machines, it can reduce manufacturing costs and has some certain economic benefit and social benefit. 


3 rotary blades and 2 fixed blades (Standard type): Suitable for granulating hollow objects, like the large bulky materials: bottles and drums. 

5 rotary blades and 2 fixed blades (optional): Suitable for granulating Injection plastic head waste, thick walled pipes, heavy sheets, etc. 


1. Q: What’s the range of proportion of fiber in plastics for SG-70-F? 

A: It’s recommended that the proportion of glass fiber be within 30% (when it’s over 30%, this machine is no longer suitable) and use the blades made from special material V-4E. 

2. Q: What is the gap between fixed blades and rotary blades of SG-70 series? 

A: 0.2~0.3mm. 

3. Q: What are the requirements toward the dimension of materials when choosing side feeding for standard machine of SG-70 series? 

A: Side feeding is designed for conveniently feeding in some strip shape material; the dimension of materials shall not be greater than the one of side feeding inlet (400x400mm). 

4. Q: What are the requirements toward water pressure, water flow and water temperature of cooling water system of cutting chamber rear plate for standard machine of SG-70 series? 

A: The cooling water system requires pressure of 2~3kgf/cm2, water flow of no less than 10L/min and room temperature (20~35℃). 

Product Improvement

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