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2016 Quarter 1 Issue 26
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Standard Swing-arm Robot 1



Designed with elegant appearance; Aluminium profiles are largely used to provide compact and streamlined appearance. 

Base Mechanism
Fast mold changing design provides simple method for changing molds. The base is rotatable for 90° by releasing the handle.

Control System
Dialogic hand controller provides English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Other languages are applicable; up to 8 different languages can be stored. There are 8 standard programs and memory for up to 80 customized programs with self fault detection. Swing directions are adjustable simply by flipping the switch on the control board. Position limit sensors are applied to all moving directions in order to provide safety mechanically and electrically. Extra 4 sets of I/O pins are available for other applications. Designed to EUROMAP 12, EUROMAP 67 and SPI to provide plug and use. 

The SS-S1 series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of sprue and runner from injection molding machine, and place them into granulator for recycling. Simple product removal is applicable with optional vacuum generator and EOAT. Suitable for injection molding machine under 250T clamp force.
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