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2017 Quarter 4 Issue 33
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Material Storage Tank


1.Made up of SUS201, durable service.

2.Equipped with suction box( single pipe), convenient for material conveying.

3.Standard material storage tank is square shaped; MST-U is round cylinder design.

4.The top cap of MST-50 is with one piece design, and it can be opened to add material. The top cap of MST-100~500 consists of two pieces (one piece is fixed).

5.MST-S, only applies to SSC.


1.For Euro-material storage tank, SUS304 is optional for the surface contacting with material.

2.For Euro-material storage tank, if surface contacting with raw material is polished, add “P” at the end of the model code.


Mainly used for raw material storage, being placed beside material room or IMM; Works with granulator to convey regrind material, ensuring instant reuse of recycled material.

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