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2018 Quarter 3 Issue 36
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Case of Central Water Cooling System-Water Pipe Products

A plastic products plant in Guangdong mainly produces plastic water tap, water pipe and other plastic products. In order to improve overall space utilization of the workshop and production environment of the workshop, the customer selected the solution from Shini and completed a set of central water cooling system to meet the demands of water for nearly 50 sets of injection molding machines.

This central cooling water system is designed for room about 40㎡, and the two water tanks are located in room, storing room temperature water and chilling water respectively. There are two sets of air-cooled water chillers equipped on two water tanks with alternative works to improve the reliability of the whole system. The square exhaust pipe is mounted at the outlet of the condenser fan on top of the water chiller, so the hot air produced by the water chiller can be directly discharged to the outside that improves the environment in workplace.

It places the control box of central water cooling system at the entrance, which can monitor the operating state of the pump and water chiller, improving the pump service life and system reliability with alternative pump cycles. The whole system uses composite pipes in the water piping, which is a kind of plastic resin tube with high adhesion coated on the inner wall of the metal pipe. The contact between the pipe and water is the plastics, so the service life is greatly improved, preventing traditional metal pipe from rusting and ensuring the water quality with increased working stability.

The pipe of water system is covered with the insulated cotton that guarantees uniform cooling water temperature while avoiding condensation on pipeline surface. In the chiller room, the return pipe is installed with the electric valve as to keep the water sectioned into pipeline when system shutdown and ensure immediate operation after system start, avoiding mixed air input and improving the circulation efficiency of the water loop.

The piping runs through the whole workshop that is divided into two layers: the upper layer is the return pipe and the lower pipe is the output pipe. The input and output pipe are led beside the machine as to form water circulation loop. The cold water enters into the water distribution system via the output pipe and is distributed to each water area to absorb the heat, and then returns to water tank by the return pipe, and so on.

The system has been put into use, and its performance and reliability have been fully recognized by customers.

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