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2018 Quarter 3 Issue 36
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Case Studies - Automation Application on Mobile Phone Protective Cover Injection Molding



As technology evolves, smart phone becomes more and more popular and the time span for phasing out becomes shorter and shorter each day. As mobile phone becomes one of our daily necessities, people start making it more fashionable by adding different accessories and putting various protective covers for it. Nowadays, mobile phone cover made of hard plastic materials are widely used and having different pattern designs, colors, shapes and thicknesses for giving mobile phone aesthetic outlook and providing protection at the same time.

Since plastic cover normally requires shiny finish, the ejector is normally not used in its molding processes and its production cycle time is normally short. However, to manually taking the covers out of IMM becomes a problem as it will require highly frequent intervention of manpower and it is difficult to maintain consistent production cycle and untouched product surface, which will lead to in consistent production quality. Therefore, using robot with its arm moving delicately inside the mold area under different angles and directions plus specially designed jigs, which can precisely hooking out the cover from sideways, to take out the cover(s) help a big deal.  It greatly reduces the production cycle time, manpower required and defective rate, and improves the overall efficiency and factory image, which lead to high customer satisfaction.

One listed company in Dongguan having it main business lines in making molds, plastic products, hardware items and electronic products worked together with Shini’s  automation business division in 2015 and ordered 16 sets of ST3 robots for taking out their mobile phone protective covers made of PC material.  As the satisfaction and improvement over production efficiency and product quality are so big, they ordered big quantity of ST3 and ST5 robots of different sizes from Shini again in 2016 and 2017.

Also another enterprise in Dongguan who is dedicated in making mobile phone protective covers and heat transfer products placed order to Shini for 9 sets of ST3 with jigs in 2017 for taking out similar products, and which also brings them very good satisfaction.

Shini ST3 robots can be divided into single-arm and double-arm with single-stage or telescopic-arm for selection. They are suitable for 2-plate mold, 3-plate mold and hot-runner system. Capable of arranging, stacking, quality checking, insert-loading and other applications. It’s suitable for injection molding machine under 3600T clamping force.


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