Quality & Services

  • Quality & Services
  • The Shini Group of companies passed the authorization and audit of ISO9001 Quality System and established Quality Control Laboratory at the same time. With the most precise instruments and suspicious testing methods conducted by our senior quality engineers, the quality are cautiously controlled step by step from row materials to finished products. Shini's products are approved with CE certification and recognized by the international market.

    Detection facilities in Shini group mainly include high-precision 3 coordinates measuring machine, photo-mission spectrograph, image measuring apparatus, impact testing machine, salt mist testing machine, hardometer and metallurgical microscope. All of them are capable of ensuring product in quality control range.

    Shini group also build the Product Quality Management System (Products' Archives) in a bid to track quality conditions of products plus accessories and improve after-sales service efficiency.

    Through "Knowledge Management platform" and "View of Shini" newspaper, Shini can provide zero-distance service in technical support, malfunction resolving and upgrading.

    On the stage of international market, Shini has stood out from other competitors with its excellent quality and complete service network and become a member of world-class equipment manufacturers.