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2018 Quarter 1 Issue 34
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ShiniEurope Quarterly



The annual Kunststoffen Plastics Fair in the Netherlands this year had place from 27’th to 28’th of September. Our Dutch distributor, Obinion, was one of almost 300 exhibitors. Obinion staged a stand at 179B in Dommelhall and presented new devices delivered by ShiniEurope. During this exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to learn more about effective plastic processing solutions and discover a new product in offer. The offer presented by Obinion was very popular among other exhibitors and customers. The trade organization runs with success and satisfaction.


Due to the growing popularity of trainings prepared by Shini Europe for our distributors, customers and positive feedback after last successful events we decided to upgrade the conference facilities. We have just launched a new multimedia training room that can comfortably hold over 30 people. We are excited that we will soon be able to offer a wider range of trainings for our most important cooperants. Supported by Czestochowa University of Technology we are also planning to increase our training program of plastics processing to develop the knowledge of service people selling Shini’s peripheral.

New connection

Efficient cooperation is the best way to success, so Shini Europe is constantly looking for new solutions between the distributors. So far, shipments of Shini equipment and devices were transported by sea and air. Both of them have its advantages and disadvantages so we decided to introduce a solution that would have only advantages. We decided to use a new connection – rail transport. This solution will significantly reduce the cost of the air transport and delivery time of the sea transport. It will become a great help especially for individual orders demanding fast delivery which caused high costs.


Central delivery system

Recently, we have supplied Central  Conveying System of PGB company Conveying System of PGB company from Zabrze, Poland.

Customer requirements:

1.Possibility of a very fast extention of the feed line for the next machine in the series.

2.Solution for 3 different materials: 2 types of polyamide (PA) and polypropylene (PP).

3.Dehumidification of materials near machines due to high hygroscopic materials (PA).

4.Dosing regrind material.

5.Backup line.


1.In the system used coustractial solution: one tube – several machines. All the time one tube supports one material so there is no need to clean it. This solution also allows for very Fast system extension of the system by adding machines in the line.

2.Materials are distributed to two line of injection molding machine (line A – 5 machines, line B – 8 machines). Additional 6 SDD dehumidifiers are installed in the system. Transport is carried out from one place. Three automatic unloading stadion for Big-Bag are used. In the system each material is marked with a different color. Materials switching at machines. In both cases, the process is by using of colored fas¬teners that determine type of the material.

3.In system used three pipe for PA1, PA2, PP and the fourth – additional – occurring only in line .

4.A as a backup line.

5.In order of recycling material in the correct ratio to connect the system SPV automatic proportional valves is used. They operate automatically by switching the conveying between the material tube and the tube from the granulator.

6.A central dust filter is used, which allowes better quality control of the material. The customer clean the dust tank only in one place.

7.The Roots vacuum pump is used, which main feature is high efficiency and high vacuum value. The pump is located outside the hall under the vestibule.

8.The entire system is based on stainless steel piping, which guarantees a very long service life and low resistance when material is transporting.

9.The whole system is supervised in one place - with the central system controller.

10.The PLC uses the Siemens S7 series PLC with touch panel HMI.

11.The system is intuitive. It’s operation is limited to switching on the appropriate receiver tank, setting conveying time, and selecting the material.

System Components:

  • 13 reception tanks SHR-12U-S-Z
  • 6 reception tanks SHR-24U-S-Z
  • 13 proportional valves SPV-50U-C
  • 13 position mills SG-2042N
  • 6 molecular dehumidifiers SDD-450U/200H
  • 1 main system driver
  • 1 central dedusting filter
  • 1 main Roots vacumm pump


In the past few weeks we had pleasure of hosting Distributors from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy in Shini European Office. These meetings were an excellent opportunity to share information from the market and to exchange views and experiences. We discussed further cooperation and implemented improvements according to the current needs. The best quality of cooperation is our priority.


Our “Development Plan for the Europe” arouses great interest among Distributors in Europe. Improvement of cooperation’s terms and fast delivery time get with our customer’s approval. Shipment from Polish ware house provides fast delivery at a competitive price, moreover checked and tested devices by European Service are an advantage in sales. We are very satisfied with opinions we are reciving and we are thankfull for the support from Shini.

The Team

We grow stronger

To meet the highest standards of cooperation we are constantly expanding our team. At the moment Shini Europe is created by 6 involved specialists and fully supported by nearly 30 people from departments such as: Logistics, Warehouse, Service and Marketing. The team makes sure the process of ordering and delivery of the equipment to the distributors is prepared and implemented in the best possible way.


from the Polish market

New challenge

Plastigo – Shini Europe’s polish distributor – successfully runs many interesting projects using both auxiliary equipment and injection molding machines. One of the current biggest Plastigo projects focuses on creating full production line for HT SKIT POLAND Company.

“We have supplied 87 peripheral devices supporting 23 injection   molding machines. The next 13  injection molding machines (already contracted) will be also equipped with Shini material conveying, drying systems, robots, temperature controllers (water and hot runners)” – comments Rafał Machnikowski, Plastigo Sales and Development Director.

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