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Special Reports

2020 Quarter 3 Issue 40

Standardized Assistant Smart Injection Solution

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With the large-scale spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19), China’s economy has been greatly suffered that also breaks the balance of overall economic development. The production of plastic parts plays an important role in the industrial  production, and the demand for relevant plastic parts such as medical and health supplies and packaging of disinfectant  products is soaring during the epidemic period. However, problems such as labor shortage, difficulty in returning to work, and low production efficiency have become bottlenecks restricting the production, especially in the labor-intensive production that has been greatly affected. For such difficulties, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent injection molding will become an important topic for each industry in the future, and digital and intelligent technology will also accelerate its use in plastic injection molding industry because of the epidemics .

The sFactory 4.0 smart injection plant solution launched by Shini can meet the demands of digital and intelligent injection molding of the manufacturers, which integrates product injection molding, removing, positioning, assembling, testing, packaging, and logistics in one. Based on data acquisition and monitoring system of the sData, its collection of some functional software and hardware products such as central material processing system, central cooling water system, compressed air supply system, power distribution system, automation, energy monitoring, and sLink technolgy, etc. gives more detailed data acquisition than traditional production. Among them, sData is acting as the role of brain, which is a software and hardware solution, mainly processes real-time acquisition, and storage of the injection molding data, and making detailed reports and charts of these manufacturing data and processes in the workshop. It can customize the chart interface according to actual production, collect real-time production data by various flexible methods, and reflect current or past production status intuitively with reports and charts, which helps the production department to make reasonable and effective decisions through the feedback information.

sFactory 4.0 Smart Injection Plant Solution 

sDATA Data Acquisition and Monitoring System for Injection Plant

Automation Solution

The core concept of sData is to digitize the seemingly disordered injection molding process, so its foundation lies on data acquisition and application. In the acquisition process, there are different data acquisition methods, and different manufacturers will use different methods, so it will prevent practical application of the intelligent solution though it has obvious advantages. In order to advance the intelligence in plastic injection molding industry, under the organization of Rubber Plastics Machines, the national norm Rubber and Plastics Machinery Communicating Protocol for Auxiliary Equipment GB/T 38687-2020  that mainly drafted by Shini Group has been approved by the government department, which was officially published in March 31st, 2020. It is believed that with the release of this standard, the interconnection between the injection molding equipments will be easier, and the data collection and use efficiency will be greatly improved. The intelligent progress in the injection molding industry in the future will run more smoothly, which lays a solid foundation to realize full intelligent injection molding.

Special Reports

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