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Special Reports

2020 Quarter 3 Issue 40

Improve the Market Service Ability

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Recently, to enhance Shini’s service ability of Thailand market, the Group determined to dispatch Taiwanese engineer Chen Mingjun to work Shini Thailand since February 2020, so that we can provide China-funded enterprises with higher quality technology and more convenient services.


Through 50 years’ steady development, Shini has established the marketing network around the world, which can provide timely and effective high-quality services for global clients. In actual sales activities, some of the products reached the customers through self-operation, and some of them are sold to the customers by our partners. Though these customers are our indirect users, they also give strong support for Shini’s steady and healthy development. The customers also require timely and efficient after-sales guarantee from Shini while they are experiencing the convenience brought by the products. For this reason, we always work hard and hope that all our direct or indirect users can get proper after-sales service! 

Contact information of Chen Mingjun's: 

TEL: 081-376-7763 / +66-8-1376-7763

E-mail: tony@shinithailand.com

Special Reports

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