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New Product Launch

2021 Quarter 2 Issue 43

Proportional Mixer SCM

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1. Material contacted surface is made of SUS201.
2. Simultaneous metering makes mixing unnecessary that mixes while metering. 
3. Materials separated by specific gravity difference can be mixed sufficiently. 
4. Particles of different sizes and shapes can be completely mixed. 
5. The static will be generated during material mixing, and the product will have color splash. The machine is free of mixing that features better effect. 
6. Troubles resulted by dust from mixing have been eliminated completely. 
7. Modular assembly structure with convenient assembly and disassembly is easy for cleaning up and exchange. 
8. Record current operation mode that unaffected by power failure can return work at once after the power is reconnected. 
9. Set manual material cleaning value for convenient material shift. 
10. Recipe of recordable is convenient for saving and calling. 
11. DC brushless motor is free of maintenance. 
12. Material blockage and overload can be detectable with auto shutdown protection and alarm. 
13. Equipped with material test port that is easy for customer to test the discharge capacity. 


The low level sensor is optional of models for convenient alarm in advance when machine is short of material, and add 
“L” at the end of the model code. 


SPM series proportional mixer is applicable to auto proportional mixing of the granules, re-granules, master-batches and additives.

New Product Launch

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