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2021 Quarter 2 Issue 43

Conveying Belt SPC/SAC

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1. High precision aluminum profile with fine finishing.
2. The belt is made of high-quality PVC material, gentle to the product, and durable. 
3. Traditional screw lever with handwheel is integrated with the floor stand with a painted surface, and the height can be adjusted according to the lifting size. 
4. Control speed through hidden knob speed governor that avoids collision, with easy operation. 
5. With automatic and manual function, can work with a robot or independently; 
6. Trapezoidal belt pulley and idle pulley can effectively prevent the belt deviation. 



The belt conveyor is designed for the movement of products after the robot removes them from the injection molding machine, improving production efficiency and protecting the product from out of shape.

Case Sharing

Electronic Industry

After the robot removes the products and places them on the conveyor belt, it delivers them to the sorting area, thus reducing the operators and improving overall working efficiency and the working environment. 

Logistics industry

In the logistics industry, the main component of the conveyor is the conveyor belt or conveyor. Its primary function is to let the products be sorted to get through the controller, classifier, and conveyor sides. Generally, it is connected to several sorting crossings to allow the classified products to slide down the main conveyor (or central conveyor belt) for subsequent operations.

Daily Necessities Industry 

Medical Industry

Chemical Industry

New Product Launch

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