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Special Reports

2013 Quarter 1 Issue 14

Shini in Russia

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EASTEX ETS company is the distributor of Shini group in Russia. Since 2003, the company has been selling Shini products. The high quality equippments privided by Chinese suppliers are popular among plastic pruducts manufacturers in Russia, and the demands has been on the increase day by day. As always Shini dedicates itself to the overall equipments and automation of the plastic processing industry in Russia,while EASTEX ETS provides the reasonalbe solutions and prices. So far, the Chinese supplier Shini has been in the lead of the industry in Russia.

With vast territory, it is not easy to cooperate with customers from each direction. Therefore, EASTEX ETS set up offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Vladivostock. The project team has always traveled to different cities to visit manufacturers during which production promotion activities has been proceeded.

EASTEX ETS has taken part in various kinds of professional exhibitions including Interplastica, Rosmould and Plastic Industry. During trade fairs, the staff has been introducing Shini products to customers and obtained very warm responses. Nowaday, more and more manufacturers look for equippments on the internet which make it a very important medium for doing business. To keep up with the pace of on-line business, EASTEX ETS also create new pages on its website for customers to get access to more valuable informations.

Troubles may occur now and then during opertion. Therefore, timely trouble-shooting or parts replacements become more and more important. To deal with this problem, EASTEX ETS built its finished products and parts warehouse in Moscow with which troubles of repalcement can be solved in one or two days and the production process will not be stopped.

For repair and maintainance, the engineers will provide high-level pre-and-after sales services. With these heartful and experienced service, repair and maintenance can be taken into action quickly.

Timely delivery becomes more and more important because not all the finished products or parts are all contained in Moscow warehouse and the products and parts should be ordered and deliverd from China to Moscow. EASTEXETS has its own logistics service and customs specialists to help to provide reasonable price and fast delivery.

EASTEX ETS runs between two countries and across 8 time zones, coummunicating with both Russian customers and Chinese suppliers. It is fully responsible for the cooperative partnership between the two countries.

Special Reports

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