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2022 Quarter 3 Issue 48

2022 Quarter 3 Issue 48 Message from the Chief Editor

Dear Customers and Partners,

The mould temperature is constantly kept indirectly by medium circulation with an external mould temperature unit. As the medium circulates in the water loop, circulating medium pressure and flow are critical for maintaining mould temperature. 

So how to monitor the medium flow in the mould effectively?

A visual water distributor or a flow meter in the piping to measure the medium flow in real-time. For conventional visible water distributors, visible parts of the pipes are made of PC materials, and the maximum working temperature is usually not more than 100 ℃. It can read the flow according to the scale on the pipe. However, using a flow meter to measure the flow, its working temperature can reach 300℃ and meet most of the process requirements. A flow meter will display the real-time flow data on the screen for intuitive data inquiry. When the mould pipe is blocked, it's difficult for conventional visual water flow regulators to alarm and give feedback on the abnormalities in time. It usually requires the operator to check the flow regularly. In the flow meter design, flow abnormality can be quickly feedback to the controller, informing the operator in time, which essentially guarantees the mould temperature maintenance for reliable production. The flow data can be collected via a communication port for future production needs or QC documentation.