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2017 Quarter 3 Issue 32
Message from the Chief Editor

One company in Shangxi specialized in producing automotive interior and exterior accessories, expanded polypropylene, etc. After communicate with customer and understand their need, dedicated Shini members provided them with a customized-plan and considerate services, According to the layout of customer’s factory, the overall plan includes plastic raw material handling system, water systems, electrical system and compress air system. Shini can provide reliable layout plan of workshop, promoting informationization and automatic management of enterprises and laying a tough base for fully realizing Factory 4.0.

In this project, the use of the robot is undoubtedly improve the production efficiency of the entire plant, further complete the level of automation and ensure safety. Shini ST3 robots can be divided to single-arm and double-arm; single-stage arm and telescopic-arm for selection. They are suitable for 2-plate mold, 3-plate mold and hot-runner system. Capable of arranging, stacking, quality checking, insert-loading and other applications. It’s suitable for injection molding machine under 3600T clamp force.

At last, any opinion about View of Shini is welcomed for us to improve the journal and to provide the technology of product and information of industry which you need.

Best regards and wishes!

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