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18th Düsseldorf K-show Ends Completely & Successfully

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Date: 27th October- 3rd November 2010

Venue: Düsseldorf International Exhibition Center



Exhibition Contents

Equipments for plastic and rubber, processing equipments for rubber and quality detecting instruments, plastic products plus plastic films, industrial chemicals for rubber processing, auxiliary materials, molds and accessories for rubber processing, rubber and plastic products.


Events Introduction

K-show, short for German Düsseldorf International Trade Fair for Plastic and Rubber is regarded as the biggest event for plastic and rubber industry. Every three years witness an exhibition and so far eighteen events have been successfully held. K-show is not only renowned for large scale of exhibition, but for its bringing sparking new impetus to bring business opportunities for plastic industry.




Sponsor from Düsseldorf exhibition agency declare that there were 220 thousand people paying visits during K-show 8 days of exhibition. Although the total number is about 9% less than that of in 2007, it still outnumbers the expected number with the 20 thousand more visitors.


A closing meeting commenced at the last day of exhibition, where Mr. Werner, president and CEO of Düsseldorf Exhibition Corporation concluded that the success of K-show stunned both organizer and exhibitor. "I was very exciting when I heard there were over 220 thousand visitors", said Mr. Werner after meeting.


Except for German, percentage of exhibitors from other countries is 60 percents, equaling to the level registered three years ago. On the other hand, the percentage of foreign exhibitors from Europe accounts for 57 percents before but falls to 54 percents in Düsseldorf K-show. According to Mr. Werner, Asia is the area taking a dramatic increasing number of exhibitors with 30 thousand delegates while K-show sees a decreasing number of Chinese exhibitors, which amounted to 30 thousand in 2007. Besides, K-show welcome 10 thousand exhibitors from Latin American region, 6,800 of them are from North America.


Mr. Werner also stress that his company begins to shift focus to next K-show to be holding during 16th-23rd, October 2013. Major problems they will face include stadium space allocation because of more exhibitors and requirement for larger showcasing area. Therefore, sponsor will make their efforts to solve the issue to better serve clients.



Energy-saving and environmental-friendly
Refrigerant R22, which is wide applicable to small and medium refrigerators, has been lasted as Controlled Item due to its harm effect on ozone layer. R22 will be forbidden to be employed in western countries and China, respectively in 2010, 2013. Accordingly, Shini develops Chillers with refrigerant R410A, a substitute for R22 and firstly finish all the refrigerant replacement. SCD-ES "All-in-One" Compact dryers combine the function of dehumidifying, drying and two-stage conveying into one single unit, specified for the production of engineering plastics material.

At present Shini has eight series of products including Dehumidifying and Drying, Feeding and Conveying, Mixing and Dosing, Heating and Cooling, Granulating and Recycling, System Solution, Hot Runner System and Auto Robots. Of them over 500 sets of robots has been under shipment.


Shini specially launches Three Axes Servo Driven Robot (Telescopic type), which is suitable for IMM customers with low factory. According to the stroke of arms, there are tow models (ST3-700-1400T, ST3-900-1600T) available for the use with plastics IMM 100~200T and 200~300T respectively. It is capable of taking products out of moulds and placing them inside the mold in need, also it can be collocating with special clamp for plug-in tasks. With friendly features of running quickly and accurately, it is the best choice for hot runner mold plates users.

Precise Extrude Control
On 1st, September 2010, Shini group and Italian Sycro Company, establish joint-stock Shini-Syncro Extrusion Process Control (Dongguan), Inc., which specializes in providing precise extrude control technology for customers in China mainland and Asian area.
Products Line includes:
• Extrusion throughput control / Weight meter
• Cooling air ring in film-blowing industry
• Online thickness film measuring system


The monitor and auto control system of film thickness on extrusion assembly line.


Picture 1: Shini in K-show


Picture 2: Negociation