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12th DMP Ends Completely & Successfully

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Date: 17th November - 20th November 2010 

Venue: GD Modern International Exhibition Center


Exhibition Contents

Mould & Metalworking Exhibition, Mould making machinery, Metalworking machinery, Alloys, steel and other raw materials; Control Unit and Automation, Factory Accessories & Materials handling, Surface Finishing & Coating, Precision Testing and measuring instrumentation; injection molding machine, Blow molding machine, Extrusion machine, Bag making machine, Die-casting machine and Rubber machinery; Robot, hot runner and other ancillary equipment for plastic processing.


Events Introduction

Renowned internationally, DMP is considered the largest mould, plastic and metalworking machinery show in South China. With highest visitors flow and Quality of visitors is guaranteed. Possess the Strongest and most frequently updated buyers database in South China and around the world. Biggest visitor promotion covers the whole China and overseas.



2010 DMP takes up the area of 49,345 square meters with 920 exhibitors and 71,650 visitors respectively.


2010 DMP features Automation and Energy-saving that also constitute the spotlight of show. Accordingly, every famous manufacturer focuses their showcases on automation and energy-saving. As regards the show level, DMP undoubtedly presents visitors a new appearance, which is reflected with the 15% increase of visitors flow and more 26 % show area. Most exhibitors say the general effect is quite favorable.


The launch of many new types of large-scale robots, energy-saving dehumidifiers and chillers shows Shini endeavors to comply with market dynamic.


By the way, Shini s D11 booth locates beside main channel, covering about 180 m2 area. Exhibition booth adopts a commodious design. Assisted by demonstrations on spot, booth is capable of creating a comprehensive products exposure and capturing visitors eyes.



Plastics Auxiliary Equipment

• SCD "All-in-One" Energy Saving Compact Dryers

Optionally equipped with plate heat exchanger, the power consumption can be reduced by 20~40%. Optionally equipped with the function of drying power control. Only setting the name of drying material and hourly consumption, then system will auto-adjust drying air capacity and power consumption. When hourly material consumption accounts for 20~100% of rated drying power, the total power consumption of the machine will reduce by 0~40%, to reach an optimal allocation of energy.


• SVD Vacuum Dryers

SVD series combine the function of drying and conveying into one single unit. It is mainly used to reduce water boiling point to drying plastic materials and achieve the purpose of saving energy, protecting material performance and reducing space of machine. It is suitable for drying processing plastic materials, such as PA, PC, ABS, etc.


• STM-RHC Rapid Heating & Cooling Controllers

STM-RHC-3913 adopts high-temperature steam to work. After molding machine is matched, the high-temperature steam is injected into it. Firstly, increase the temperature up to a setting value. Secondly, inject plastic material into die space. After pressure maintaining of it, quickly injecting cooling water or chilled water, to make the temperature reaches a setting value in a short time and open mould. Finally, blow away the residual water from mould. So a work cycle is finished. Through using this method to control molding, the problem of macroscopic irregularity of product can be solved and productive efficiency improved greatly.


Automation Solutions

• ST3 Series Three Axes Servo Driven Robot (Telescopic)

After the single axis servo driven robot, the three axes servo driven robot is the new to the world products. According to the stroke of the arms, there are 5 models (Including ST3-1600-1800LT, ST3-1800-2400LT, ST3-2200-2600LT, ST3-2600-2800LT, ST3-3000-3000LT) available for the use with plastics injection molding machine 3,600T. It can quickly and accurately carry out products from the molds to specified position. In addition, the series can also increase the sub arm according the customers’ requirements. Three axes servo driven is designed with Europeanize model and attractive appearance, running smoothly and featuring user-friendly. It is the best choice for hot runner mold plate users.


Picture: Shini in 2010 DMP