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Reviews for Interplastica Moscow 2011

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Exhibition information

Date: from 25th January to 28th 2011

Venue: Russia

Exhibition center: ZAO EXPOCENTR Exhibition Center at Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow, Russia

Sponsor and co-organizer: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH / OOO Messe Düsseldorf Moskau

Exhibition contents: plastic machinery, rubber machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, auxiliary machines, blow molding machines, chemical and industrial raw materials, extruders and assembly line, injection molding machines, equipments for recycling, moulds, components and parts, post processing and other machine tools.

Total number of exhibitor: 486


Russia as one of the members of BRIC, which refers to Brazil, Russia, India and China, has become the biggest energy supplier around the world. An unnamed European economist estimated in his research report of Dream with BRIC that by 2050, world economy situation would be under great change that BRIC would have stepped forward western developed countries like Britain, France, Italy and German and become the Six Big Economic Entity along with USA and Japan. According to the report from Goldmansachs, recent years have seen a constant increasing of Russian economic growth rate with the economy of scale amounted to 1.3 trillion dollars, becoming the global eighth biggest Economic Entity. In 2008, economic growth rate rose up to 8% and Goldmansachs estimated that by 2030 Russia would become the global fifth biggest Economic Entity by replacing the Group of 7.


Interplastica Moscow 2011


Interplastica Moscow 2011 unveils its opening in chilly Moscow and starting from 1988, Interplastica Moscow 2011 welcomed its 14th grand exhibition this time during which along with UPAKOVKA, the show saw 890 manufacturers at the exhibition center. Most of exhibitors come from areas in the Soviet Union. Totally, Interplastica opened three exhibition halls, including Forum Hall, which is Germany hall and acts as the focal point, another one is Italian Hall, which is also the focal point in the show. Interplastica is considered the biggest plastic exhibition in Russian region. Before the official beginning of exhibition, a bomb attack took place in Domodedovo (DME) airport, forcing some exhibitor to cancel their routes. Besides, the incident delayed flight for a day so when we arrived at the city it was dusk on that day of show opening. Shini exhibition booth was located beside Forum Hall. Though it stayed closely to the border, some buyers and regular customers were attracted to look around. Comments from local people in Russia told us that plastic auxiliary equipments of Shini have a high performance-price Ratio.


Shini in Interplastica Moscow 2011


Although economic resurgence in Russia gets slower than that of other BRIC members, it seems that nothing can stop the vigorous Russian economy going forward. Within just four days, more than 20 thousand purchasers have made their paying visits to the show, which indicates that there is still large room for economic growth in respect to increasing demand for production and modernization. However, some reports show that plastic industry in Russia is still facing a harsh situation because the price of raw materials is soaring while plastic industry has not yet brought about values for all walks of life. Therefore supports from government is very important, although it is obvious that Russia gets more slowly to revive economy from financial crisis than China and India. Even so Russia still holds a market with much potential for developing.



Shini in Interplastica Moscow 2011