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New Product Launch

2020 Quarter 3 Issue 40

"Regular" Series SG-70150B

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1.Rotating cutters adopt V-type cutting technology which can send the feeding material into the center of rotating cutters so to prevent the material from adhering onto the inner side of the cutting chamber while enhancing its wearability.
2.The cutters are made of high quality steel featuring wearability, high rigidity, long service life and reusable after re-sharpening.
3.Cutting chamber  made of high rigidity material, after processing by CNC machine, has the features like high intensity, super wearability, no contamination, long service life and easy for maintenance and repairing.
4.The safety plastic curtain at the feed box inlet keeps the materials inside the machine when granulating.
5.V-type transmission belts help maintain a balanced operation mode, close contact, and also easy to disassemble and repair.
6.The feed box and screen bracket is driven by hydraulic device.
7.The presetting knife jig, which enables to reshape of the blades and installation without too much cost and time.


Optional separated blower (the power of SG-70B is 11KW, and the power of SG-90B is 22KW) is available.


SG-70B/90B series granulators are applicable to granulate various kinds of plastic materials from injection molding, blow molding or extrusion molding.