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2020 Quarter 3 Issue 40

The Application of Central Material Distribution Station

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Central Material Distribution Station SEL-2020

In the central conveying system, the material distribution station plays an important role in material allocation, which can distribute plastic materials to different destinations according to the demands to ensure the correct conveying process. At present, the material distribution station is mainly processed by the operator manually, who plugs in and out its joint mechanically. This method leads to high labor intensity and is easy to cause errors when processing several kinds of materials. However, Central material distribution station SEL is entirely driven by the servo that can find the set value and match the materials to finish the distribution process automatically. All these operations can be completed only by simple click settings in the central operation station that only needs less labor work, and the control program adopts fault-tolerant management that can reduce errors when selecting the materials. 


A company in Liaoning is mainly engaged in the research, develop and sales of auto accessories, plastic products, electronic products, and metal products. Its injection molding workshop uses Shini central material processing system to handle material storage, drying, conveying, distribution, etc., and the use of central material distribution station achieves the auto distribution of the materials.